Esoteric service IOS

Development and launching IOS application

After the successful work on Astro7 for Android, the customer addressed us again to develop an equivalent mobile service for the IOS platform.

Astro7 is a service of esoteric consultations, where a user can see the list of esoteric specialists and their rating. He or she can also order phone consultations and pay for the services via the application.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 1 month.

How we turned the Android App into an IOS service

From the beginning of the work on the new project, all the requirements were already formalized, and we saw how the product should have been. So, the first task was the stylization of the Astro 7 program to the IOS platform.

Three days later our designer finished the stylization of the Android App to IOS.

Since it was our team who developed Astro7 Android App, it didn’t take us long to create the same service for IOS. The whole process took us about a month and a half. Our Android developers consulted IOS specialists on all the necessary processes, which helped a lot to perform the project in a short time frame.



Challenges we overcame

We faced the challenges on the stage of placing the app in the Market Store. Since it is not the easiest process we help our customers to upload the product to the Store.

That time AppStore moderators declined our request referring to the fact that there were too many esoteric applications in the Store. We continued the collaboration with AppStore but unfortunately did not succeed to convince them to upload Astro7.

And even in that case, we found the solution. The customer had already had an esoterical IOS app which practically didn’t work. We started to add features to that program and updated it, each time getting the AppStore approval.

The Application now

Now we continue to add features to the program, step by step giving it the look and functioning as the Astro7 IOS App we developed.

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