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Software support and maintenance services

We stay close even after the project is completed

Work on a web product does not end at the moment of its creation. For the high-quality operation of the system, it is important to provide it with proper maintenance. If our clients do not have the resources to monitor the finished product on their own, we are ready to provide software support services for an application, site, or other projects that our team worked on.


What is site or app maintenance & support services?

Software support and maintenance of the site is a set of works that ensures uninterrupted and up-to-date functioning of the resource. The software maintenance support service makes sure that the resource works correctly – all features were in good order, the web product worked quickly, and its content was safe.

What is included in maintenance & support services?

  1. An important component of site software support services is the services of a network administrator, a personal assistant for your daily tasks.
  2. Preparing free space on servers. We carry out cleaning for the stable operation of the product.
  3. Setting up monitoring. Installing a monitoring system to keep up with what is happening with the resource.
  4. System stability indicators monitoring. We make sure that the levels do not fall below the norm.
  5. Analysis of monitoring results, recommendations. We collect information, draw conclusions, and share solutions.
  6. Elimination of minor bugs. We solve small problems without distracting you from the business.


Why site and app software maintenance support is important for business

Maintenance & support services for websites and mobile apps is a necessary element of reliable product performance. Without proper maintenance, the system may eventually become outdated and stop functioning at the same level. Thus, the owner risks losing money twice; potential customers pass by, and the funds spent on the system don’t pay for themselves. In addition, a faulty web product can negatively affect the owner's reputation. Few people want to trust someone who is unable to ensure the smooth operation of their own resources.

To prevent this scenario, you can use the software support services of the site or other resources from the YuSMP Group company. We are ready to provide software maintenance support to all projects that we were directly involved in creating. Studio professionals will take care of the service, saving you from additional responsibility. However, if the company already has a competent specialist, you can provide software support and maintenance for the website yourself.



Order from YuSMP, the software maintenance company

We provide a choice of several possible packages, choose the most suitable for your requirements. Site maintenance & support services: what is included in the comprehensive offer.

Put into operation systems monitoring:

  • network administrator;
  • cleaning up space on servers;
  • configuring monitoring on servers (zabbix);
  • 60-100 hours to set up, depending on the system load.

Package S:

  • network administrator;
  • monitoring 20 stability indicators;
  • analysis of monitoring results,recommendations;
  • fixing minor bugs;
  • 16 hours a week.

Package M:

  • network administrator;
  • control of 40 indicators;
  • analysis of results,recommendations;
  • fixing bugs;
  • 24 hours a week.

Package L:

  • network administrator;
  • monitoring 60 stability and business indicators;
  • analysis of results, recommendations;
  • fixing minor bugs;
  • 60 hours a week.

Comprehensive 24/7 maintenance & support services. The list of services included in the package is determined individually. The price is set by agreement.

The YuSMP Group team supports the projects that it is directly involved in creating. Our specialists know all the details of the product better than anyone else, which means they can choose the best solution for the stable operation of the site, mobile application or other systems.

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