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Fully-functional web development is a currently important necessity for a modern company. A developing and ambitious business can’t work nowadays without a website. Web development of a resource allows discovering the opportunities for your business, unrealized by social nets, which provides only partial functionality of promotion. The company’s website is a tool of network abilities and service efficiency partnerships. Thus it must be dynamic, uprising the interest to the firm’s service, business, and image, as well as increasing the return clients' number and respond to their needs. 


Assessment of capabilities, stages planning

Offering website development services, our specialists make an exact plan of tasks, allocate web recourses, plan processes (navigation, design, content, promotion).

 For example, there is an order to create a website: a multi-page portal, with the advanced engine of management, security, and effective interface and service. At the first stage of co-operation the following questions are asked: 

  • Target customer (what is the target audience of the service ordered).
  • The website seeing (the client’s and the visitor’s position).
  • The niche, the main websites-competitors. 
  • The type of website, the design of style according to current (future) business goals.
  •  The promotion method.

Starting a project our specialists always carry out analysis-synthesis to define what the customer tends to get, ordering the service. The client may provide us with the application documentation (screens), that is enough: tried and tested material allows the professionals to start the project. 

We offer several options for web-development:

  • option S (small);
  • option M (medium); 
  • option L (large). 

These options vary in time and price. Due to that, it is possible to choose the best option for swift development. 

Studio professionalism is marked in the reviews of our clients: clinics, cafes, salons, online stores, online-study services. A great example of a project realized by our studio on a turnkey basis is a multiproduct store. The work on the project had the stages following: 

  • Forming technical requirements. We always help our customers, it’s enough for them to show their seeing of an enterprise project. 
  • Choosing of individual layout, page layout. 
  • Programming (simultaneous features integrating).
  • Testing, launch. 

Up to a customer’s wish, it is possible to make valuable, interesting content, which is optimized to be on top of searching engines.

Web development services company YuSMP Group: key stages

In YuSMP Studio Group web development is realized by the stages following:

  • Adaptive web design, web pages content display.
  • Programming of modules, solving non-routine tasks of the technical requirements. For example, the optimal way of associating a payment system or an online calculator to a website.
  • Content fulfillment, inner optimization which requires professional copywriters, semantic kernel identification, multimedia resources. 
  • Training employees which include administration (preparation service with instruction are available).

Apart from web development service, our web-studio provides: complex technical support, consulting, search engine requirements optimization, filling with high-quality content, paid search launch. We can predict the target audience's probable behavior. We improve usability, make semantic kernel, content, cross-browser compatibility of a recourse.

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