QA and Software testing services

QA software testing services: when everything works correctly

QA and testing services are one of the most important stages of development, where project weaknesses, imperfections, and errors are identified. Ignoring QA software testing services can lead to unstable operation of the site, application, or other systems. Most likely, an incomplete product will alienate potential customers or destabilize business processes.

Leave the testing services software to professionals. Focus on the main tasks and be confident about the quality of your project. Software automation testing services company, YuSMP Group will effectively provide a QA service of a mobile app, website, or other systems.

What software testing provide:

  • Stable and fast operation of the developed product.
  • An app or website that was processed with testing and meets your needs and is liked by users.
  • Elimination of defects and risks of loss.

Types of software testing services in QA testing services company YuSMP Group


Offering QA & testing services we check how well the software implements the tasks and functions that are originally included in it. The main goal is to confirm that the project under development has all the functionality required by the customer.

It can be performed in two scenarios: 

  • Based on the functional requirements specified in the specifications. We make sure that automated software testing services function correctly for different types of input data, their combinations, quantities, and so on.
  • Based on the business processes that the application should provide. We carry out the software QA testing services, check the correctness of the performed operations from the point of view of system usage scenarios.

System software testing and QA services

We make the QA testing services of the entire system at high levels for compliance with the initial requirements. We conduct alpha and beta testing.

Performance check

  • Load (load testing). We look at how the system works under standard loads and determine the maximum possible peak at which everything works correctly.
  • Stress testing. We test the system under standard loads: we see at what maximum indicators it will work properly. We observe what can cause it to be inoperable.

Regressive testing

We provide testing software services, checking whether the software is ready to cope with improvements and new features. We look at how updates affect the existing functionality of the product and whether old defects occur.

Order from software testing and QA services testing in YuSMP Group

Our company employs professionals who have dozens of QA and testing services projects of varying complexity. We always find an individual approach to each client, work openly, and clearly.

We offer several software QA testing services packages, choose the most suitable one. Offers differ in the budget, time spent, and amount of work.



  • creating checklists;
  • check direct a business process according to requirements;
  • check boundary values; 
  • test results are shown in checklists.

Full package:

  • creating checklists;
  • check direct a business process according to requirements;
  • check boundary values; 
  • the test results in the checklist;
  • creating API autotests in Postman;
  • compilation of UI autotests(selenium);
  • implementation of load testing in Jmeter.

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