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The reliable backend of your product

The team of backend development company YuSMP has been developing back end services, websites, and apps for years. Our developers create project architecture and implement business solutions of any complexity.

Backend development is the internal side of the system the creation that connected to the user interface. Setting and installing software on the server is also part of this type of programming.

We create convenient and technological solutions that help make your business more efficient. The products developed by our specialists help to improve the company – user interaction, solve accessibility problems, and establish smooth user-system interaction.


 In YuSMP Group you can order:

  • Websites or applications development based on framework templates. All functions are written using code from scratch.
  • Integration of your services with third-party services.
  • Solving various problems of interaction with the SQL/NoSQL DBMS.
  • Audit of software code and architecture. If a ready-made website or an app developed by another company works incorrectly, errors and failures occur, our specialists can help. Based on the results of the audit, changes are made to the code to eliminate errors or optimize the operation of the resource.
  • Refactoring, the optimization of the code. It is used when you need to change the internal algorithms of a program without changing its functionality. As a result of the transformations, the algorithm becomes simpler and clearer, and the program itself becomes light and fast.
  • Project architecture development, including architecture development for high loads. The product architecture is the foundation of any application that determines its success.

The understanding of, what back end development services are, gives the business owner additional opportunities for effective competitive product implementation.


What backend technologies we use:

Backend development employs a wide range of technological solutions: programming languages, frameworks, and cross-platform apps.



  • NodeJS. One of the most popular platforms for building mobile and desktop applications.
  • PHP language. It is mostly used for creating dynamic web pages and various web apps.
  • Symfony framework. It offers fast development and management of web programs and makes it easy to solve a web programmer’s routine tasks.
  • Base. It is used for developing web solutions, usually with PHP languages. This is a common open-source application that you can use to create dynamic, fast-acting, stable, and reliable pages.

Our Backend projects:

Projects that our Company developed a backend for.

  • CourceMaker;
  • Esoteric service (Android, IOS);
  • Home appliances store;
  • Universal salesman;
  • Easy Train;
  • Warehouse;
  • Car and bots;
  • Farm;
  • Taxi aggregator.

If you need custom backend development, contact the YuSMP Group. We are ready to implement a project of any complexity.


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