Prototype development services

Prototype development as a stage of a product and as a service itself

Prototype development services in YuSMP Group

If you have the idea to create a new website or redesign the one you have, prototype development services will help you to see the image of the future product, play with various ideas, and set an exact task to developers.

A website prototype service helps to avoid lots of errors which are difficult to be corrected at the latest stages of the development. Usually, fixing such defects leads to an increase in expenses and postpones the realization. Prototyping also helps the customer firm to see an approximate view of the product at the early stages and make changes in time. 



You can address YuSMP Group with your own results such as concept design, features set, and user history. If a client has already analyzed his business sector but doesn’t have a prepared technical requirement, neither user case description, we are ready to help!

Our prototype development company’s specialists can accomplish the documentation, write all the possible cases of interaction with an app or a web resource (which is a ready technical requirement), prepare the full design of a web or mobile app, make a clickable prototype, if necessary. Such work allows being ready for the development process, evaluate the features wanted, and make sure everything will be done as the customer requests.

Prototype development services is also an obligatory stage when doing a website or app development. Addressing YuSMP Group, a client understands at an early stage how the project will look like.

How prototype development services are done

Prototyping is a schematic image of the future website or app screens.

Why prototyping service is necessary

  • To define all the necessary features vividly.
  • To visualize the future screens: text blocks positions, illustrations, buttons, etc.
  • To see the weaknesses of the user interface and make changes on time.

 What tasks the creation of a website prototype service solves

  • How the system screen will look and what purposes will each one have.
  • How the screens will interconnect.
  • The order of the units.
  • Making the proportions, sizes, units, and elements, and working them on if necessary.


Product prototype development services: who works on prototyping in YuSMP company

A project manager is in charge of the whole project. He or she organizes and monitors the team’s work, and keeps in contact with the customer’s company.

An analyst makes the description of cases and requirements to provide the developers with an exact task.

A designer creates the design of the screens, if necessary, creates a clickable prototype.

Technical specialist, a developer (backend, frontend). He or she is engaged to analyze the realization abilities and offers an optimal architectural decision if necessary.

Here we turn ideas and approximate drafts into the final vision. We specify the details, think through user cases, validation requirements, the placement of buttons, tabs, units. YuSMP company’s specialists think through technical realization to avoid system contradictions.

What you get

The prototyping service result is worked out documentation and screens to pass them to development.

Artifacts you get

  • User cases, which fix the interconnections of roles with the system and between themselves in all the scenarios possible.
  • Wireframe which visualizes interconnections of roles with the system and between themselves in all the scenarios possible.
  • Clickable Invision prototype (if necessary). Testing of the interconnection ways and modeling user experience.
  • Wireframe and Invision prototype are not equal. Prototype can't look like a final product however, it has a color scheme. Interconnections are precisely modeled, and look as possible similar to the final product.

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