Technical Task for development

No risk for deadlines and budget


from 1600$

When there are ideas, but the technical side of the product is not clear. The development team, together with the customer, goes from an idea to a clear plan of action. At this stage, we conduct interviews, discuss roles in the system, and compile a set of artifacts. As a result, a strong project with defined boundaries and a visual representation is obtained from the flow of ideas.

Examples of artifacts at the discovery phase


Offer packages

SMALL from 1600$

MEDIUM from 2100$

LARGE from 2700$

If the customer already has their own user stories and other artifacts, you can immediately proceed to the analytics and design stage.

Full analytics and design

from 3000$

Detailed study of the future product down to each sign. At the stage of analytics and design, we approve the final appearance of the screens, prescribe all user scenarios, and create a clickable prototype. We form artifacts, deal with integrations, collect feedback after testing from the focus group.

Examples of analytics and design artifacts


Offer packages

SMALL from 3000$

MEDIUM from 4500$

LARGE from 6000$

SCRUM (Agile)

From 2400$, hourly pay for work

When it is necessary to develop products at a high pace with constantly changing requirements. We practice an approach when developing products from scratch.

Examples of Agile artifacts


Offer packages

MEDIUM from 3100$

LARGE from 3800$

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