Cover the whole application in one glance

A mental map or Mind Map in development is a visualization of a future product. As a rule, the diagram shows the roles and functionality of the application. Mind Map makes it possible to visually evaluate the project at the earliest stage of work.



Monitor the progress of the project with a mental map! Keep track of which features are already ready and attach new tasks. Mental maps are good to use when working with versions: when all the functionality is in front of your eyes, it becomes clear which features of the product need to be launched immediately, and which are better to postpone.

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Mind Maps greatly help the team in the next stages of development. In the process of business analysis, mental maps display first the basic requirements for the product, and then the detailed ones. In the future, this becomes the foundation for the architecture of a future application or other systems. It is much easier for developers to understand the product by focusing on MindMap.

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