Corporate life

How our company lives

The work in YuSPM Group is not only daily responsibilities, exciting projects and interesting tasks, but also the friends we make here, ideas shared with colleagues, hobbies, holidays and much more. 

We also refer to corporate life as the mission and values of the company, which are shared by each of our employees. We value the personal qualities of each team member, their views and attitude to the basic concepts of honesty, decency and hard work. All this together affects the relationships within the team, the development of the company in general, sets the vector of interaction with customers and partners. Therefore, our team consists of reliable people who are United by common ideas and goals. 

We gather not only during working hours. We also celebrate holidays and important events together, trying not to limit ourselves by trivial corporate parties. Likewise, in our work process, we find non-standard solutions - we can play curling or spend time in the table games club.

YuSPM Group regularly rents gyms so that employees can play soccer, volleyball, or other sports. So we always keep our health in mind and maintain team spirit in the company. 

In addition to entertainment and leisure, the company also takes care of the education of employees. YuSPM Group always supports the desire to study and helps the employees participate in training programs, including occupational retraining courses.