How to make a streaming service: the YuSMP Group experience

The team had to create a streaming service with different levels of access and at the same time maintain the best quality of communication. Read about how it all turned out in the article.

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What high-quality testing looks like

The reliability, security and performance of the application will depend on the quality of testing. QA engineer from YuSMP Group talked about what quality testing looks like.

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How to illustrate the progress to the client

Sometimes it seems to the customer that the project is not moving anywhere, while the team is working hard. PM YuSMP Group — Alexander Khoroshko talks about such a case.

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Mobile layout or native applications: what to choose

The article analyzed the advantages of both options, and also told how to make the right choice.

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What the evaluation of a project for custom development consists of

We talk about how the cost of mobile and web development is formed.

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How to choose a project management methodology

You have decided to create your own product: you have already chosen a team, issued ideas, and are ready to start development. But first of all, it is important to solve the question of how the process of working on the project will be organized.

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The final design in development: highly detailed prototype

We continue to introduce you to the design artifacts that our customers receive during the analysis and design stage of the project. So, we have already talked about Wireframes and a clickable prototype, now we will talk about the final design of screens.

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Registering developer’s account

For an application to appear in the App Store, you need to stock up on documentation and patience. Guides tell you how to do this, but not everything always goes according to plan.

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Why we love clickable prototypes so much

Interactive prototypes are created during development. The article explains why this artifact is so important when creating new products.

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Wireframes in IT development: features and benefits

A Wireframe is a map of screens that shows navigation between them and the minimum detail that should be located on a particular screen.

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SRS: what it is and why developers need it

Customers and developers usually speak different languages. The client represents the external behavior of the system: what it will do and how end-users will work with it. Programmers think about the product in terms of its internal characteristics.

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Request response diagram: what is it and why is it necessary

Today we are talking about the Request response diagram, the optional artifact, we use if the project provides integrations (for example, with Google translator, delivery and logistics service, online payment, etc.).

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User Stories in development

In product development and management, a user story is a simple and understandable description of one or more functions of a software system.

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Why use MindMap in the development

Mind Map is a visual thinking tool used to gather information and ideas. This is a diagram that contains elements related to a central concept or subject.

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What BPMN is and why it is necessary to be developed

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is used in various fields, for example, in sales and project management. In development, this tool is important at the stage of business analytics: with the help of BPMN, all scenarios of interaction between users and the system are described.

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How to monetize an app: 6 proven ways

Developing a new application is the first step to success. To gather a loyal audience around and earn income, it's necessary to develop a monetization strategy.

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CJM: why not ignore this tool

The Customer Journey Map (CJM) or the user's path map is one of the ways to find new hypotheses for increasing the number of applications and sales.

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How to choose a technology stack for iOS development

Over the past year, the mobile app market has made a big leap: from 197 to 250 billion downloads per year.

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How not lose your own application

You order a mobile application or a website, or other project development from the company, fully believing that the final product will belong only to you.

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MVP part two. Cost, plan, and development stages

The previous article explored the concept of a minimum viable product and revealed its potential benefits. In this article, we'll take a deeper look at MVP.

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What is an MVP and why is it needed?

We often talk about MVP (minimum viable product) when it comes to development. Many people know that this is a minimally viable product.

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WWDC 2021: Apple shows new products

The annual conference for developers WWDC, which once again took place without an audience and was broadcast on the record, has come to an end.

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Xiaomi represents new charging Technology

The Chinese manufacturer announced its Hyper Charge system, which charges the phone in just 8 minutes.

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App Idea: what to do before contacting the developers

This article will tell you what you should focus on before contacting any potential developer companies.

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Communicate with developers. How to?

Developers are the most important part of the team. However, it is still worth learning how to properly communicate with developers.

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How to calculate a budget for a long-term project with Agile

In every major project, it is crucial to understand the cost. But what if you don't know the scope of all the functions?

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Tilda for business: who can use a website builder?

We burst the myths and give an honest review of the popular service for creating websites.

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What does the Agile approach look like in an outsourcing company

Sometimes a customer needs to develop products at a high pace with constantly changing requirements. In this case, the Agile methodology is suitable.

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Zuckerberg announced the creation of a Clubhouse’s s clone

Facebook, with the assistance of Spotify, is developing a podcast service and a copy of the social network Clubhouse. The company plans to introduce them soon.

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Pitfalls of ready-made websites for business

Using a ready-made product is a great option for businesses that want to go to the next level: to make a name for themselves through the presence of a website.

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The film about Pavel Durov is being released

The director and journalist Rodion Chepel’ made a documentary about the creator of VKontakte and Telegram.

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How to launch a startup

Here's how to launch your first startup and not be disappointed. We reveal where to look for funding and how to work with developers.

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Online-store: ready-made solution or custom development

E-commerce is developing rapidly, and the pandemic gave a special impetus to the growth of the market: in 2020.

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LG says goodbye to smartphone manufacturing

South Korean LG Electronics has officially announced the end of the production of mobile phones.

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Native or cross-platform development? How to make the right choice

We tell you in a simple and clear way in which case you can use cross-platform development, and when youcan not do without native development.

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Manager planning: the web studio owner’s personal experience

I am convinced that the effectiveness of a manager lies in clear planning of their own time and the actions of employees. And this applies to any level of management: from the CEO to the middle manager.

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Twitter blocks posts with «incorrect» vaccination information

Amid a wave of discussion about mass vaccination, Twitter has introduced new tags for posts that contain misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations.

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7 features of an effective manager: a web studio owner personal experience

Hi, I am Yuri Pukhov, the director of the IT company YuSMP Group. I want to share my leadership experience. Our web studio is relatively young - we have been on the market since 2017, but before gathering my own team, I was in a senior position in the IT industry for several years. During that time, I formed several principles that help in working with a team.

When I first became a manager, it was difficult to know how to act correctly: to be a tough boss or a friend-assistant for employees, or need to look for a happy middle ground?

I quickly realized that the word boss is not about me and not about my position. I am rather a mentor and a team leader. And this is how I understand leadership:

  • The leader is convinced that every issue is solvable. He must be resourceful and help employees find a way out of any difficulties.
  • A leader should inspire. To be eager to do the business and influence others. It is important to believe in the goals and objectives that are set for employees. Insincerity is always felt, and nothing of value can be built on a lie.
  • It is simple, but a leader is about strength and courage. You have to be strong to admit your mistakes and not give up in difficult times. To be bold to take risks, and accept feedback from employees about their work.
  • I am convinced that criticism can only be constructive. I do not allow negative, destructive statements either within the team or in relation to the company from the outside.
  • It is important to give employees feedback. I have often come across the fact that managers are included only when it is necessary to point out weaknesses and mistakes in the work. Of course, it is important to show the growth points to each team member and monitor the quality of work, but at the same time, I try not to miss the opportunity to praise my colleagues.
  • It is important to set the right example - no one will want to work at full strength if the manager himself does not devote himself to the process. I also instill organization in the team - I make my schedule and control the schedule of employees.
  • From my point of view, the leader should not only assign himself the achievements of the company, and blame the failures of subordinates. I do the opposite - I share the responsibility for failures with the employees, and I give the victories to the team.

This is how I see a manager-a leader who shows hard work by his example and involvement in processes. He gives employees freedom but does not let the work take its course, notes success, but can defend the boundaries.


Facebook banned from news sharing in Australia

Australian residents can no longer share news content on Facebook - the social network has abolished this option for residents of the continent.

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Clubhouse — for those who love with ears

We figured out why the audial social network is rapidly gaining popularity

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Apple company is going to make a cable that won’t break

iPhones and other not only Apple equipment owners often face the problem of breaking the charging cable. After some time of using the cable at the base of the connector becomes thinner or cracks, the wire becomes not neat, and it is no safe anymore to use such charging.

Apple has decided to patent a new technology for charging cables, which will help to avoid such a breakdown. The patent application has already been sent to the relevant office in the United States.

The new technology is a construction of a sleeve that will serve as an insulating shell for the cable. Several materials used for the sleeve have different properties: a harder material for the outer layer and a softer one for the inner layer. This solution will reduce the load on the bending of the cable, without increasing its thickness. With all the innovations, the cable will not change its look in any way.


Elon Musk chipped a monkey

The Terralink company demonstrated the results of an experiment on the chip introduction in the primate’s brain. Now the monkey is playing video games inside its own mind.

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The client is part of the project team

In YuSMP Group, customers become a part of the project team, and, that's right, they also work on the product. Using our own example, we show how to involve customers in the workflow.

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American social activists demand to ban Telegram access

The nonprofit human rights organization Coalition for a Safe Web, represented by its head, Mark Ginsberg, filed a lawsuit against Apple and Alphabet, the associated company of Google.

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Sales of chargers increased sixfold last year

In Russia, people began to buy chargers more often after Apple stopped completing new iPhones with them. Other smartphone market leaders Samsung and Xiaomi also followed the American company example.

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International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 Overview

Flying cars, coronavirus detection devices, and kitties simulators. Collected in the article the most interesting exhibits of the CES exhibition, which was held last week in the United States.

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The change in WhatsApp’s policy has led to a massive increase in alternative messengers

At the beginning of January, the most common messaging service WhatsApp warned users about changes in the privacy policy.

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What was the year 2020 for the IT industry

We have already talked about the results of the year of our company, and today we recall what happened in 2020 in the IT field all around the world.

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YuSMP Group: the results of 2020

This year has been productive and full of events for us. We decided to share the most striking results.

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Facebook unofficially recognized the targeting for business useless

It became known that Facebook managers consider targeted advertising for business useless: in the business correspondence of employees, data were given that paid ads are not shown to the target audience even in half of the cases.

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Operational processes of project management

Behind every successful project, there are not only great things but also daily operational processes, without which nothing would have happened. The Project Manager is responsible for them in the team-the leader and soul of the project, who takes over the routine and control of tasks.

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Apple is working on the car release

The company that gave the world the iPhone and other popular equipment is preparing to release its own UAV car.

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Web product Development And Customers: how YuSMP group connects customers to working processes

In the previous articles, we talked about the discovery phase and the stage of analytics and design. Now as these steps have been completed, we have a clear plan of action. It's time to start the development itself!

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The Chinese came up with a smartphone of a credit card size

The concept of a thin slider smartphone was presented by the Chinese company Oppo. When folded, the gadget will be the size of a bank card, and in full size, the screen will reach seven inches (these are the largest displays on the smartphone market).

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Google decided not to return employees back to the office

The home office mode in the corporation was extended until September 2021.

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We do the development. And what does it mean?

Recently, we were asked what custom development is. We decided to explain this as simply as possible.

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Amazon and American Express will sponsor developers

The largest e-Commerce company Amazon and the famous financial company American Express have become the members of the GitHub program. The Microsoft owners have also joined the program.

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A new type of fraud on the Internet is onwards and upwards

Hackers use loyalty programs to steal points and personal data. This is not as harmless as it may seem — every year retailers lose 2% of revenue due to such fraud. Cardholders not only lose their bonuses but also become the targets of spam attacks.

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Yandex VS linguists: a popular online translation service has written a book for a publisher

The neural network of a large Russian IT company has translated the book from English into Russian. Residents of Russia can already purchase the printed publication. Thanks to the publishing house Individuum the creation of Yandex Translator was released.

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The US Government is on guard for competition: authorities intend to sue Google and Facebook

The United States government is preparing new lawsuits that are planned to be brought against the most powerful Internet corporations: Google and Facebook. The country's authorities believe that the companies violate antitrust laws.

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Analytics and design stage: preparing the product for the development

At the new stage, we are working even more detailed on the future product: here the final design of screens is confirmed, all user scenarios are described, and a clickable prototype is created if it’s necessary.

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Twitter against fakes: now a warning will pop up before retweeting a message marked with misinformation

Twitter continues to fight fakes. Now users will receive a warning before retweeting messages of uncertain content.

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What’s in the latest Chrome update?

The next version of the browser - Chrome 87 boasts increased speed and an updated user interface for the PDF reader in the browser, as well as its own version for new M1-based Macs.

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TikTok remains in the US

The TikTok social network will still work in the United States without restrictions — the US Department of Commerce has postponed blocking the popular app.

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The European digital rights organization opposes face recognition technology

European digital rights have launched a campaign Reclaim Your Face. EDRi makes every effort to protect the privacy of citizens and stop the widespread use of facial recognition technology.

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Pokemon GO creators are working on augmented reality maps

Particularly, the creators of Pokemon GO acquire developments and young companies working with AR technologies.

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How to design an app together with a client

In the Yuspm Group web Studio, we adhere to the position that it is necessary to design future applications together with a client. With this approach, we have implemented dozens of projects that are now working successfully. In this article, we shared our experience of joint design.

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What Apple showed at its latest presentation

We briefly and clearly tell you about the new products, prices, and the joke about the PC.

The next presentation of Apple was held in California, which was the third in a row this year. Earlier in 2020, the world was shown the new versions of branded tablets, smartwatches, and as everyone remembers, the iPhone 12 was presented in three versions.

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Microsoft is ready to Apple Silicon Mac launch

It is expected that Apple will present the first Mac running on Apple Silicon at the next presentation, which will be held on November 10. Microsoft seems ready to keep its promise to support new Macs based on Apple and macOS Big Sur.

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How home-office is changing the world

The global pandemic has changed the attitude to home-office forever. Now it is obvious that working in the home-office mode has become not only an emergency measure in the fight against covid-19 but also a new reality. We tell you about how home-office affected the world below.

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What’s wrong with cross-platform development

In recent years, the technology of cross-platform development of mobile applications has gained great popularity. Many startups and small and medium-sized enterprises use the potential of cross-platform development to create applications in a relatively shorter period of time, which is one of the main motives for the introduction of this technology.

There is no denying that a cross-platform solution is an advantage for entrepreneurs who do not want to invest in the development of native applications or want the application to be created quickly.

However, cross-platform development has problems and features that you need to know before starting a project.

Disadvantages of cross-platform development

Delayed and limited updates

Cross-platform development environments are slowly adapting to OS updates. The framework development tools are expected to adapt to new OS features and capabilities as they evolve, but this process is usually very slow.

Moreover, the cross-platform environment does not support all the functions of a particular operating system, or some functions may be incompatible with a particular environment for smooth operation.

Low performance

In terms of performance, cross-platform applications are not that impressive. There are many reasons behind this. Such products cannot interact with the hardware of the device, as a native application does. Inconsistent communication between a native device and non-native components also affects application performance.

Weak functionality

An application created using this approach still does not have full access to all smartphone functions. You also depend on third-party code to integrate with a specific platform and have to check for errors in their implementation and work around them.

Poor user interface/UX

Cross-platform applications are also not suitable for applications that require a rich UI/UX. Native applications should be the final choice in this case, since they are designed with the design recommendations for a specific platform in mind and can take full advantage of the hardware of the device. Unfortunately, cross-platform applications lag in this segment and, therefore, do not offer a rich UI/UX.

Animation problems

Modern design is already unthinkable without animation — users like it and make the application more understandable and responsive. Hybrid products, as a rule, support animation worse, most often they refuse it altogether.

What projects are cross-platform applications suitable for?

Choosing cross-platform development

  • When a shorter time to market is required.
  • If the application is a fairly simple project.
  • For prototyping and MVP.

This opinion is shared by the authors of authoritative sources, such as Habr and КИ.RU:

To sum up

The cross-platform approach is good for simple products or for MVP testing. Native development gives developers significantly more control over user interaction, and also allows you to develop applications for simple support. We believe that it is better to stick to the native interface and not sacrifice design elements unique to each platform.