We briefly and clearly tell you about the new products, prices, and the joke about the PC.

The next presentation of Apple was held in California, which was the third in a row this year. Earlier in 2020, the world was shown the new versions of branded tablets, smartwatches, and as everyone remembers, the iPhone 12 was presented in three versions.

In November, it was the turn of computers: Apple displayed updated products in the line of Mac, Mac Mini and MacBook Air laptops.

Now the company has abandoned Intel processors, which were used in MacBooks for almost 15 years. The new models will run on based on an ARM processor M1 chip, that Apple developed independently. This change was the most significant at the November presentation.

M1 was presented as the most powerful and energy-efficient processor currently available. This chip with an eight-core CPU can replace several processors, being responsible for different operations at the same time. M1 includes not only the processor but also RAM and video card. All the new products presented will run on the Apple processor.

At the presentation, the first to show was an improved Mac mini-it, that has increased performance, and its price will be less than its predecessor (from $ 699).

The next version of the MacBook Air will run on an ARM processor for the first time in history. The laptop got Touch ID and embedded memory for 2 terabytes. They promise that during 18 hours of active work, you will not need to charge it. And due to the refusal of cooling, the work of the MacBook will be silent. The cost in the home States starts at $ 999.

The Pro version will also run on the M1, this MacBook should work 20 hours without charging. Apple representatives said that this Book will be almost three times more productive than the previous version. Its starting price is $ 1,299.

The presentation ended with a mock sketch by the comedian John Hodgman. The comedian played a tired PC that urgently needed recharging.

Without any doubts, Apple products are the market leader. More than 20% of smartphones around the world and more than 40% of devices in the United States run on the IOS platform. When creating apps for a wide audience, you can't ignore iPhone owners. Our specialists have a successful experience in developing on IOS. Email us to discuss your project!

media: apple.com