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Why a beautiful website doesn't solve the problem

No matter how expensive the design of your website is, it will not bring sales to the business if it is uncomfortable for a user to interact with your site or mobile app. A potential customer simply won't make a purchase if they don't understand how to do it.

The YuSMP Group develops UI/UX design services based on a detailed study of user behavior on various websites.

UI (User Interface) is the visual component of a web product, and UX (User Experience design services) the product’s logic.

UX design service should be ordered to make people naturally move to the desired action as a result (a purchase, a call, filling out an application, and so on). The interface is designed in such a way that a user intuitively navigates the system and can find the necessary information in a couple of seconds. UX makes the site or app clear and convenient.

UI design service (User Interface design services) defines the external component of the interface and its physical characteristics. Here, a comfortable arrangement of elements is applied, the optimal font and color palette of the project is selected. The visually pleasing interface attracts people and prevents them from closing the tab or exiting the program ahead of time.

How UX and UI development works in UI design services company, YuSMP Group

  1. We study and analyze the company's target audience. We carefully collect information about your company and create a portrait of the target audience (TA). We discuss problems and find solutions. At this stage, we decide on the format, key tasks, and design strategy.
  2. We develop information architecture and create a content strategy. We turn ideas into plans and exact steps.
  3. Then we move on to UX development, developing the interface of the future product.
  4. We work on the visual, providing you with interface design services (services UI design). We draw the graphic image of the elements, the size and font style, and approve the color palette.

How to order a UX design for a website or an app

At YuSMP, the UI/UX design services company, we create products for people and therefore focus on developing systems that are understandable to the user and adapted to their behavior.

UI/UX design development benefits :

  • Traffic to your resource increases.
  • Sales increase.
  • An attractive image of the company is formed. 
  • Users enjoy working with your product.

What a customer gets:

  • Design concept.
  • Clickable prototype.
  • WireFrames.
  • ScreenFlow.

YuSMP Group specialists worked on the UI and UX of websites, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as other digital systems. We have implemented projects on various topics: from an esoteric service to an internal project of a chain of home appliances stores.

UI and UX design services can be ordered by writing to us or leaving a request on the site.

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