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Cross-platform development service from YuSMP company

The necessity of business in digitalization increases. Earlier, to sell goods or promote services successfully, it was enough for a company to have a website or even without one. Now, it’s hard to imagine a successful business without a mobile app.

YuSMP Group specialists have created dozens of digital systems, including cross-platform mobile apps. Addressing our company, you can be sure that we will find an optimal decision for your business. If you need a mobile program, but you don’t want to have double expenses on Android and IOS apps development, the solution is a cross-platform mobile apps development service. This approach allows creating products for different platforms with the same codebase which saves time, money, and efforts.

The experience and professionalism of our company team help your firm to level-up your sales.



How cross-platform mobile app service helps the business

  • The increase in new customers, who are more modern, mobile, advanced, and hence more solvent.
  • Easier client interaction. It is easier to order a product or service, ask a question, consult an expert, and solve other problems in some minutes. The orders are processed quicker.
  • Informing clients about promos, sales, special offers without the need in other channels (mailout, SMS, calls).
  • Easy handling of affiliated programs, bonuses and discounts calculating, and other loyalty programs.

Who can’t do without mobile applications:

  • Corporative companies (Each sphere has its own needs, which can be: operational data traffic among top-managers, employees training, clients attraction, etc);
  • Online-stores, services websites (online shopping in your smartphone, making a shopping list, making appointments, browsing reviews of services, etc);
  • Startup projects (In this case, it is important to take the company’s sector into account and evaluate the practicability of a program at the first stage. If your company’s sphere is e-commerce, having an Android and IOS application is necessary).

Why we offer a cross-platform mobile app development service

The applications developed with this approach can work on Android and IOS platforms at once through the special code, which is adaptive for both operational systems. Cross-platform apps are programmed not in the native language of a system, but it is invisible to a user. The most popular services developed in this way are Instagram and Facebook.

The advantage of the approach is also quick development, relatively low price, easy handling, and updates launching.

The disadvantage of cross-platform development services is that not every company is able to handle this approach. It is necessary, for example, to learn the development language React Native, Xamarin. In addition to that, some features have to be developed separately on both platforms. The advantages of cross-platform development service however overweight in most cases. In YuSMP Group we are ready to deal with challenges, we have experience in such apps development.

The main stages of cross-platform mobile app development company YuSMP Group

The idea and business analysis

At this stage, the business analysis of a customer’s idea is worked out we discuss the goals and define the project scope from the artifacts following: mindmap, user stories, BPMN-diagram, concept design, and others. After forming the common vision of the project, we evaluate its cost and make a commercial offer to the client.


When we understand, how the product must look for the final uses, we go-ahead to the next stage – prototyping. We draw the screens according to the documentation. The customer can see the prototype of the future project at the first stages and make adjustments if necessary.

Making the product of the idea

By the beginning of cross-platform development, the product is already split into big units and features in each unit. At this stage, we sign a contract and start the work with code. We maintain the records and keep the customer updated.

We use the following cross-platform technologies: React Native, Xamarin.

Retrospective and testing

We check what risks and problems can appear, improve the product, and show the result to the customer.

YuSMP company will develop a cross-platform application on a turnkey basis, considering all the specifics of your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us in any way convenient for you to order the service and ask your questions.


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