Frontend development

Front end development services

YuSMP Group performs frontend development of various add-ons, data sets, and digital publications. We use React.JS, Angular, and other technological solutions for creating desktop and mobile applications. 

Front end development services are the creation of a public part of the system that users directly interact with.

Our front end development company's services in this area:

  • Custom (individual) frontend development. A product created specifically for the client's needs and tasks is always better than a standard package. Investments pay off quickly when the program meets the business goals of the enterprise as much as possible.
  • UI design means the design of the interface for user interaction with the program's functionality. This is not just access to certain functions, which is critical for a commercial organization. This is also the style, color scheme, visibility, and readability.
  • SPA, PWA. By ordering the creation of single-page and multi-page websites and web apps in the YuSMP Group, you get the interface that meets your tasks best.
  • Audit. If the created software products are slow to work, give out errors, or for other reasons do not meet your expectations, qualified programmers of our company are ready to work to identify problems and eliminate them.
  • Outstaffing. If you need an employee but are not ready to take a new unit to the staff, our programmers will help you finish your project.

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Front end development services: the technologies we use

YuSMP front-end web development company’s programmers use various technological solutions for frontend development: programming languages, cross-platform apps, frameworks, and other tools. Most often used are the following:

  • Template framework, used for creating various desktop (for the user to work from a computer or laptop) and mobile applications.
  • A library, used for creating various interfaces, most often single-page apps. A convenient tool that allows the customer to track the progress of work.
  • React.JS. Framework, characterized by high flexibility. It is used to create the most powerful and functional products.


Our projects

The company's specialists successfully implemented the following projects with frontend development:

  • CourceMaker;
  • Home appliances store;
  • Universal salesman;
  • Easy Train;
  • Warehouse;
  • Car and bots;
  • Farm;
  • Taxi aggregator. 

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