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Business intelligence services (BI services) from YuSMP company

Business intelligence services are necessary to understand the structure and the company’s specific, which wants to order a website or a mobile app development. The analytics is carried out to define the customers' needs, and the ultimate solutions, which are the base for the future product functional, are found at this stage.

The lack of analytics and defined requirements for a system brings the threat of failing to any IT project. It can obtain unnecessary features and its schedule and budget can be extended. The more defined the rules from the first stage are, the less improvement there are at the following stages and fewer expenses for the business as a result.

YuSMP company provides you with the services of business intelligence. A customer company can address us with an idea, which is not formed into a technical requirement or ready screens. We make analytics of the perspectives of the idea, identify the business goals and system boundary, describe the TOP level of roles, rights, and functions set. These actions allow working towards implementing the idea by making particular steps with no budget extension in the early stages.


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Benefits of business analytics services:

  • More exact cost evaluation;
  • Decrease of adjustment on later stages;
  • Project budget which stays in the initial set limits;
  • IT project realization on time;
  • The steady working project which makes the customer glad and is effective for users.

Who makes business intelligence services in YuSMP company

A manager is in charge of service business intelligence (BI services) and other processes. He or she mobilizes the team and communicates with the customer. Every week he or she presents a report of the work done, monitors the time limits, and passing results.

An analyst listens to a customer and identifies the requirements of the future product. Functional and nonfunctional requirements are formed from the customer's requirements. An analyst makes interrelations, designs the logic, sets boundaries. It’s the analyst, who forms artifacts.

A designer prepares concept design to form the vision of the future project, visualizes interface interaction (UX and UI).

A technical specialist (developer) consults the team about various requirements realization. Thanks to a developer’s analysis, it becomes clear what can be realized technically and what can’t.

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What you get

Business intelligence services companies include artifacts creation, the documents which a customer gets. Five types of documents are obligatorily made. The rest are prepared up to the specifications and the tasks of a project.

The main artifacts

  • Mind Map or mental map. It is a diagram of connections. It demonstrates the plan of tasks and functions.
  • BPMN diagram, the description of business processes. It demonstrates the main scenarios.
  • Nonfunctional requirements. The document specifies the priority of business-critical nonfunctional solutions. It defines how they complicate the system and increase the price of final works.
  • Project plan. It demonstrates how many resources will be utilized with the schedule for every task.
  • Development evaluation. It gives the idea of the expenses.

Additional artifacts

  • A user story, to identify which task is solved by every functionality.
  • Wireframes, a chart with blocks and connections, to show how a user will cooperate with the system and its structure.
  • Request-Response model, a messages exchange template, in which the system sends a request to a server, and the server returns back the response. It regulates the contact between a user and a web product.
  • Concept design, which shows the appearance and the style of the future app or website.
  • Weaknesses investigation, search and analysis of problems, and the solution options.
  • Presentation, which depicts the product’s benefits for investors.

Why choose analytics services company YuSMP

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Our specialists have working experience with analytics in different projects, including the ones with complicated business logic.

We have a personalized approach to every customer business. It’s important to us that you get a perfect product, which is handy to users. We never force anyone to get extra options to increase the price of business analytics.

Here in YuSMP company, our work is open and clear. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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