Full-stack development

Full-stack web development company for successful business dealing

Specific of full-stack ready web development

Productive business development nowadays is impossible without a functional website, since there is no possibility to realize all kinds of goods and services promotion in social nets. In YuSMP Group you can order full-stack website development, as well as internet service or apps for smartphones and PCs. This service includes specialists to work at all the stages: project, design, layout, unique content fulfillment. Our company specializes in the design and launch of online stores, landing pages, various internet services, and mobile apps, characterized as the best price-quality trade-off.


Full-stack web development companies: main stages of the development

Full-stack web development in YuSMP Group proceeds stepwise. A customized approach to work at every stage allows realizing business goals set in the end. 

Discovery stage

It is an obligatory initial stage of full-stack websites or other internet services for PS and smartphone development. At first, we carry out global tasks set detailed analysis regarding which a concept design or a presentation for investors is created. The Discovery stage is an important stage of a project since it is a starting point for the technical realization of goals, the limits identifying, and budget calculation. Results assessment helps further seeing identify the full amount of expenses. We aim at the result which brings the customer maximum use of the money invested.

Analytics and design

At the second stage of full-stack websites or a mobile app development the customer’s business-specific is analyzed and the selection of designer solutions, which allow uniting all the units of the internal recourse, is proceeded. Web designer makes a composition taking into consideration the contrast and placing an accent on headlines and images. At this stage, the principle of improved readability of images is considered. Web recourses, developed by our programmers are comfortable to review on a PC’s screen as well as on mobile gadgets. Clients who ordered a full-stack website development or any other web-product in our company can be sure, that making a design project all their requirements to modules will be considered and the technical requirements providing the efficiency of an online store or any other business-recourse will be satisfied.

Development and testing 

It is one of the most labor-intensive stages, that includes a big amount of work performed by a programmer. The final result depends on the professionalism of the worker who must have the necessary skills in CMS layout and correctly use the functionality to implement modules, design the resource structure, and implement design solutions.

YuSMP Group team deals fast with the tasks set when developing internet services and mobile apps and creating full-stack websites to order. After completion of technical work and cross-browser layout, the web resource will be fully ready to be filled with content. 

Under the terms of the contract, we undertake the filling the Internet resource with information that will help improve the customer's reputation. The use of modern CMS allows us to launch new web resources in a short time, optimize the interface of web pages, and improve the quality of their content. 

At the final stage of full-stack web development, the project is placed on hosting and its domain name is set, after that, the website starts successfully on the net. Creating websites of any complexity and other web products involves trial testing, which is necessary to identify possible faults and correct errors as soon as possible. We check the module's functioning, images loading, links location, and other indicators.

Why it is better to order full-stack development in company YuSMP Group

It is better to entrust the creation of a full-stack website from scratch to professionals. Cooperation with our company is beneficial for clients because:

  • we provide a customized approach to everyone;
  • our company employs highly experienced programmers;
  • we develop a unique design for every investor, which is agreed with the client;
  • in the process of creating a full-stack website from scratch and mobile applications, innovative tools are used to make the resource interface attractive and intuitive;
  • final testing is completed within the contractual terms;
  • additional services are provided for the company's customers, including SEO promotion and effective products and services advertising. 

To order the development of a full-stack website or other web product in YuSMP Group, you need to contact our managers by phone or fill in an online application. The cost of the order depends on the technical complexity of its implementation, the duration of execution, and the list of additional services that will be required for the effective launch of the web resource and solution of the set business tasks.

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