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With the increasing role of mobile devices in everyday life, the need to create software for them has grown. Android app development companies of the USA proved that for a successful business today, it is not enough to have only a website or an online store. To be close to the customer at any moment, promptly inform them about new offers and discounts, sell online and quickly answer questions, they must have a convenient application installed on their smartphone.

Our Android mobile application development company creates applications for businesses in various fields of activity.

Why there is a need for the Android application development services

More than 1.4 billion users now choose the Android platform. This is a convenient and affordable operating system, the choice of mobile devices based on which is huge. This means that custom Android app development services are a popular service for any type of business. It allows you to:

  • attract new customers who prefer phones and tablets to access the Internet;
  • improve the service: the customer can ask a question, get a consultation on a product or service, or pay for a purchase with their smartphone at any time convenient;
  • reduce advertising costs, as there is no need to use e-mail, SMS mailing, and other communication channels;
  • to automate working places.

Android mobile application development services for corporations are particularly relevant, as the new software significantly helps automate business processes, evaluate employee performance, and quickly receive feedback from both customers and staff.

For online stores, ordering Android development services means expanding the customer base, increasing customer loyalty, and informing the clients about new promotions and offers promptly.

For start-up projects, smartphone software will be an excellent business assistant due to its availability, flexibility in creating new versions, and a huge reach of users from various social groups.


What a custom Android app development company should consider when developing an application

In our work, we always focus on the final result. What tasks does the customer intend to solve ordering an Android app development? What user requests should the app address? What advantage will an app have comparing to the existing analogs? These are basic questions that we need to get answered before we start developing an Android mobile program.

  1. Who is your target audience and how actively does it use mobile devices?
  2. What are your goals when ordering from an Android application development company?
  3. Why will a potential customer want to install your software, and what benefits will they get using it? The answer to this question is very important because even the most attractive and high-quality design will not force the client to use the program if it does not give them any benefits.

To get an up-to-date and useful product for the user, it’s necessary to do a lot of preparatory work.

Main stages Android mobile applications development in the YuSMP Group, the Android app development company

Creating Android apps is a complex and time–consuming process that can be divided into several stages, as it’s performed in Android development companies in the USA. The first and very important of them is the discovery phase. It includes collecting information about the industry in which the customer works, the specifics of their business, and the target audience. This stage is necessary to identify the needs of the client and assess the cost of the project.

The next stage is to analyze and create a design concept. At this stage, we analyze competitors to find out how the new product can differ favorably from existing analogs. Then, based on the data obtained, we develop the prototypes of all screens – a diagram of the future service, where every detail is prescribed and justified. Our Android development company coordinates all the details, refine them if necessary, then approve the prototype and start creating a design following the customer's corporate style. We make sure that the program is convenient and makes you stand out from the competition.

When the design is ready, the development stage begins. It is implemented in stages: the complete list of tasks is divided into several parts. Working with the server part guarantees the stable operation of the program, a detailed study of the client part – a convenient and intuitive interface. Such an approach is common the one of an Android development company in the USA.

The ready program is sent for testing, where it is checked for errors. If they are detected, the product is returned to the programmers for revision.

The final stage of work is publishing the program. But after delivering the ready-made product to the customer, our co-operation with him does not end – the company provides technical support for the software at all stages of work.

High-quality development of custom Android applications performed according to Android application development companies USA standards guarantees a successful result that your customers will appreciate. We create full-stack products for business and entertainment, which means that you will get not only high-quality software but also promotion of the final product, as well as technical support at all stages.

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