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    Mobile app and website development technologies

    What we use when developing products

    To develop any web products there use various software development technologies. YuSMP Group specialists use the following technologies for developing services and applications:

    • Backend: PHP, Java, Net, NodeJS.
    • Frontend: JS, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, AngularJS.
    • Cross-platform development: React Native, Xamarin.
    • Android: Kotlin.
    • IOS: Swift. 

    We use a wide range of software development technologies in our work. Each of the languages is mastered by our specialists, which allows the team to work with a variety of tasks.


    Overview of technologies for services and applications developing

    Java is a universal programming language for complex Enterprise projects, which is widely used. This technology for developing applications and other web products is actively used for creating the backend of websites, APIs for working with databases, desktop, and mobile applications, programming network tasks, and other solutions.

    PHP is a language with a 25-year history that allows you to quickly develop large Internet projects.

    Another software development technology is the NET framework. The platform is supported by Microsoft. NET ownership provides a large field of possibilities, and it is used to create projects for various devices.

    The Node JS Platform is recognized as a leader among similar site development technologies. It is appreciated for the fact that it allows you to reduce the time spent on creating standard solutions. Usually, Node.JS is used to create services that require a constant flow of information exchange with users (social networks, messengers, collaboration systems).

    JavaScript is a basic programming language that builds the logic of the user part of a web product. It has a lot of tools in its arsenal that allow you to create different interfaces.

    HTML is required for the layout of the page. We use HTML to design lists and paragraphs, and highlight headings.

    CSS allows you to control the page style of the website. Use this tool to set margins, fonts, font style (bold, semi-bold, cursor, etc.), and text color.

    ReactJS is a library for creating user interfaces. It is used for creating mobile and single-page services.

    AngularJS is a framework that allows you to develop web applications.

    React Native is an open-source platform that is used when creating products for the Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP operating systems.

    Xamarin is a recognized development technology for cross-platform and is considered the best of its kind. It was loved for its resource savings, code reuse, and low labor costs when adding new software versions. Allows programs with complex business logic to work equally well on different devices.

    Kotlin is a programming language for Android. Received official support and approval from Google.

    Swift is a technology created by Apple. Used for implementing projects for iOS and macOS.


    Software development tools in the hands of YuSMP Group

    The company employs experienced programmers who are proficient in the latest software development technologies for developing mobile applications and other web products. Our team constantly follows new trends in IT and is trained to create high-tech products that meet modern requirements. YuSMP Group specialists have an optimal set of tools to solve problems of any complexity. Cases from the company's portfolio clearly show that we work on a variety of projects.