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YuSMP Group – the developer of mobile applications, websites and digital systems

YuSMP Group IT company has been operating in the IT market since 2017. Likeminded professionals united together to create technological IT products to make the customers’ business easier and more profitable.

YuSMP Group receives the ideas and creates real mobile and desktop apps, websites, and digital systems. After that, if the client requests, the agency provides technical support. The developers with the team together have already successfully accomplished dozens of projects: from prototyping and working on till huge projects with outstanding technological solutions development. We are not afraid of dealing with the most challenging and off standard projects.

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Mission and values, what the company rests on

It is important to us not to let our customers trifle away its money. During the work cooperation at every stage of work, we provide a client with the result which can be used, no matter if the customer wants to continue cooperation or not. To earn the money, by all means, is not our goal. We work to launch a functioning mobile or web app.

Our mission: 

To create functioning technological projects which bring advantages to people.

Our values:

  • High motivation – high results.
  • Permanent educating of the developers and the team members.
  • The tendency to make a long-term working relationship with a client.
  • Win-win policy.
  • Absolute professionalism: we work with reliable people only.
  • Communication openness and transparency with customers as well as among employees.
  • The accomplishment of the projects we have.
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Why you should choose the site developers YuSMP Group

Choosing an outsourcing agency to implement your ideas pay your attention to the parameters following:

  1. High level of competence. It is mandatory to see a company's portfolio with the cases it has implemented. If the company’s website contains its workers’ profiles, study this data.
  2. The match of a company’s values with your own ones.
  3. The decision flexibility: how ready the agency is to find new solutions.
  4. Good team-work. Even if a company is new, it’s significant for the employees to have the team-work experience.
  5. Convenient and clear communication.

Choosing a website developer, it is also important to take into account the price of the company’s work. In YuSMP Group the price and the deadline of a project are adjusted by the functionality and the client’s wishes. We demonstrate it vividly what you pay for.

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