Mobile app development

Mobile app development is a necessary service for any business

YuSMP, the custom mobile app development company, develops applications for iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform mobile software that functions on several platforms at the same time. By the quality of our work performance and the service, the YuSMP group can be compared with a mobile app development company in the USA.

 We know why it's hard to imagine a successful business without a smartphone program. Nowadays people do most of their shopping online. It is convenient, fast, and reliable. If your business has an app, you can stay ahead of the competition in terms of customer service convenience. Also, having such software provides the following advantages:

  • expanding the customer base;
  • a simplified way to interact with potential clients;
  • timely notification of ongoing promos, sales, and special offers (this is more effective than the usual method of notifying – email newsletters, SMS);
  • routine business processes automation;
  • employees’ work management;
  • simplification of passing orders to subordinates;
  • establishing a more trusting business relationship with clients (consulting).

Which companies and organizations need to develop applications? Start-up projects, service sites, corporate firms, online stores, financial institutions, catering companies, etc.


Questions that we need to get answered before developing a mobile app

At the stage of developing, our mobile app developer company must take into account your business needs, since you plan to use the software to solve certain tasks. Thus, we need to get clear answers to a number of questions:

  1. What advantages can your client expect to install the program? It is important to know since the software will be downloaded in order to get certain advantages. Otherwise, it has no sense. After all, a client can buy everything you need through the smartphone version of the site.
  2. What are your particular goals when you contact us to develop a business app? Do you want to inform customers, simplify interaction with your employees, automate work processes, and attract new consumers? Based on the answer, we will the appropriate interface and functionality for your software.
  3. Does your target audience use smartphone apps? If so, how actively do they do it? If the answer to the first question is ‘no’, there is no need to develop mobile applications for business immediately. The answer to the second question allows us to understand whether certain options are needed.
    Before starting work, YuSMP Group specialists, who studied mobile app development USA standards, analyze the scope of the customer's activity in order to understand better what results they expect from the application.

For example, a client who recently opened a taxi company contacted us. This business involves constant communication between drivers and passengers. Therefore, he decided to order a mobile app development service with the appropriate functionality: the option of convenient and quick cab call, tools for clear order administration, and the function of prompt requests processing. Our mobile app developers’ main goal was to create custom mobile app development services for iOS and provide high-quality android mobile app development, that could simplify the interaction between passengers and taxi drivers. YuSMP Group created software with a convenient administrative web panel, automatic search for the nearest taxi, a trip cost calculator, and the option to select additional statuses (with a pet or heavy Luggage).

Main stages of custom mobile app development in YuSMP Group

Business analysis. We study the work of popular applications from the customer's scope of business. We check them according to the following criteria: design, usability, functionality, and compliance with the requirements of customer search queries.

Prototyping. At this stage of development, we create the main elements of the future interface. We take into account one important point – whether the program will be a separate product or an addition to an already working site.

The formation of the design. We never make too bright and rich tones. We are guided by the principles of practicality when choosing shades and make sure that the software looks equally attractive on different platforms.

Programming. Writing code for a future program. Each key element is approved by the customer. The next step is to test the developed program.

The final stage is publishing the software in the online AppStore or Play Market. Further, our Studio specialists provide technical support for the software product.

When developing a custom app, we use the following technologies:

  • iOS – Swift;
  • Android – Kotlin;
  • Cross-platform app development for mobile – ReactNative, Xamarin.

YuSMP Group will provide you with a full stuck mobile app application development service to the specifics of your business.


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