How to illustrate the progress to the client

Sometimes it seems to the customer that the project is not moving anywhere, while the team is working hard. PM YuSMP Group — Alexander Khoroshko talks about such a case.

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Mobile layout or native applications: what to choose

The article analyzed the advantages of both options, and also told how to make the right choice.

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What the evaluation of a project for custom development consists of

We talk about how the cost of mobile and web development is formed.

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How to choose a project management methodology

You have decided to create your own product: you have already chosen a team, issued ideas, and are ready to start development. But first of all, it is important to solve the question of how the process of working on the project will be organized.

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The final design in development: highly detailed prototype

We continue to introduce you to the design artifacts that our customers receive during the analysis and design stage of the project. So, we have already talked about Wireframes and a clickable prototype, now we will talk about the final design of screens.

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Registering developer’s account

For an application to appear in the App Store, you need to stock up on documentation and patience. Guides tell you how to do this, but not everything always goes according to plan.

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Why we love clickable prototypes so much

Interactive prototypes are created during development. The article explains why this artifact is so important when creating new products.

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Wireframes in IT development: features and benefits

A Wireframe is a map of screens that shows navigation between them and the minimum detail that should be located on a particular screen.

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SRS: what it is and why developers need it

Customers and developers usually speak different languages. The client represents the external behavior of the system: what it will do and how end-users will work with it. Programmers think about the product in terms of its internal characteristics.

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Request response diagram: what is it and why is it necessary

Today we are talking about the Request response diagram, the optional artifact, we use if the project provides integrations (for example, with Google translator, delivery and logistics service, online payment, etc.).

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