Independent variation of the design of the future car

The company that gave the world the iPhone and other popular equipment is preparing to release its own UAV car. As American journalists managed to find out, the Apple company is now developing its own technologies that will allow the company to introduce the first car in 2024.

In fact, Apple has been working on driverless cars for more than 6 years: in recent years, former employees of Tesla Inc joined the project, and then the company bought a startup that produces UAVs.

The new car from Apple is intended for consumers and now the Corporation is doing everything to make unmanned vehicles as accessible as possible for buyers.

The main thing that manufacturers are now focusing on is the battery device, which will increase the power reserve of the car, but at the same time will not increase the final cost. The new battery design should be lighter than its predecessors, so the company is now in search of the optimal chemical composition for the battery. Besides, Apple will have to resolve the issue of regular deliveries to establish a stable production. For example, it took Tesla almost 17 years to do this.

It should be noted that Apple does not work alone, the Corporation attracts partners to create self-driving cars. The company may develop only the technology and stop there, selling the assets to another manufacturer.

In any case, we have to wait to find out how the story will go on. Do you think Apple cars will appear in our world?