Twitter continues to fight fakes. Now users will receive a warning before retweeting messages of uncertain content.

The COVID-19 pandemic played an important role in protecting against false information. There are too many messages about the virus in social networks that contradict official information. So, in may 2020, Twitter introduced labels for publications with ambiguous content. Such labels are displayed in tweets containing potentially dangerous, misleading information related to COVID-19.

Messages with this tag will now receive warnings before retweeting. Currently, tagged tweets get to the top if they collect a lot of likes and reposts. The company's measures are aimed at reducing the spread of potentially false messages.

Not all users are happy with the updates: some people think that it would be better for Twitter to pay attention to the shortcomings in the functionality and establish feedback with users. Others saw the warnings as an attack on free speech.

Do you think social networks should restrict user content?