The TikTok social network will still work in the United States without restrictions — the US Department of Commerce has postponed blocking the popular app.

In August 2020, current President Donald Trump signed a decree banning the Chinese TikTok, arguing that the app collects personal data of citizens, which is the threat to the country's security. At the same time, the Ministry of Trade said that it would make TikTok unavailable for download in the AppStore and Google Play Store.

However, after the election, everything changed — the order to ban the Chinese app was postponed for 15 days. This decision is related to legal issues — the Philadelphia court did not skip the presidential decree, considering that such a ban poses a threat to the active exchange of information. Also, the judge decided that the plaintiffs do not have enough evidence that the application with these videos threatens the country. The government has now appealed the court's ruling and is awaiting a new decision in the coming weeks.

However, TikTok is not going to go far — the app owners have been negotiating with Oracle and Walmart to create a new company for several months. Well aware of the commercial interest of Americans, ticktockers plan to stay in the United States, giving them a share of 20%. The Trump administration liked the proposal, but final agreements have not yet been reached with the rest of the authorities.