Hi, I am Yuri Pukhov, the director of the IT company YuSMP Group. I want to share my leadership experience. Our web studio is relatively young - we have been on the market since 2017, but before gathering my own team, I was in a senior position in the IT industry for several years. During that time, I formed several principles that help in working with a team.

When I first became a manager, it was difficult to know how to act correctly: to be a tough boss or a friend-assistant for employees, or need to look for a happy middle ground?

I quickly realized that the word boss is not about me and not about my position. I am rather a mentor and a team leader. And this is how I understand leadership:

  • The leader is convinced that every issue is solvable. He must be resourceful and help employees find a way out of any difficulties.
  • A leader should inspire. To be eager to do the business and influence others. It is important to believe in the goals and objectives that are set for employees. Insincerity is always felt, and nothing of value can be built on a lie.
  • It is simple, but a leader is about strength and courage. You have to be strong to admit your mistakes and not give up in difficult times. To be bold to take risks, and accept feedback from employees about their work.
  • I am convinced that criticism can only be constructive. I do not allow negative, destructive statements either within the team or in relation to the company from the outside.
  • It is important to give employees feedback. I have often come across the fact that managers are included only when it is necessary to point out weaknesses and mistakes in the work. Of course, it is important to show the growth points to each team member and monitor the quality of work, but at the same time, I try not to miss the opportunity to praise my colleagues.
  • It is important to set the right example - no one will want to work at full strength if the manager himself does not devote himself to the process. I also instill organization in the team - I make my schedule and control the schedule of employees.
  • From my point of view, the leader should not only assign himself the achievements of the company, and blame the failures of subordinates. I do the opposite - I share the responsibility for failures with the employees, and I give the victories to the team.

This is how I see a manager-a leader who shows hard work by his example and involvement in processes. He gives employees freedom but does not let the work take its course, notes success, but can defend the boundaries.