The annual conference for developers WWDC, which once again took place without an audience and was broadcast on the record, has come to an end. Apple's new products were presented at the event, but unlike the April presentation with the announcement of gadgets, this time it was only software.

iOS 15

The changes in the operating system announced this time by the developers, apparently, were provoked by the pandemic. For example, there was an improvement in the quality of video communication and a grand update of the FaceTime service.

  • There is a web version of FaceTime, which means that video calls are now possible on smartphones with Android, and through Windows computers. What will be the quality of such calls is still unknown, and not so important. Most importantly, FaceTime will be able to work outside of the Apple ecosystem.
  • The sound and image of a group call have improved: the microphone has become more sensitive, better recognizes the speaker's voice and cuts off unnecessary noise, and the speaker's photo is highlighted.
  • Added the SharePlay feature, which allows you to watch movies and listen to music together with other people.
  • The "Focus" mode allows you to fine-tune notifications from various services.
  • The "Notification Center" has been updated. Messages can now be grouped by importance.
  • Added the Live Text feature, which allows you to recognize text in images and share it with others. For example, in an advertising brochure, recognize a phone number and immediately call. This function does not work in Russian yet.

iPadOS 15

In short, all updates duplicate the implemented innovations of iOS 15, mainly the differences are in the interface.

  • The Universal Control feature has been added, allowing you to use the same hardware to work simultaneously on Mac and iPad without any pre-settings.
  • The "App Library" is now available, allowing you to sort apps into convenient categories.
  • The widgets now can be pinned anywhere on your desktop.

watchOS 8

The innovations in the update for the watch are not particularly global, however, let's look at some of them:

  • the "Meditation Mode" function, which promotes relaxation and the opportunity to be alone with your breath;
  • updated the "Sleep Tracking" and now data on the respiratory rate will be collected at night;
  • now you can edit dictated messages directly on the gadget itself.

macOS Monterey

No major innovations have been added to the Mac operating system. Nevertheless, some new items have appeared. For example, the same features of the FaceTime function, the "Focus" mode, the Universal Control function, and the ability to quickly exchange data between the iPad and Mac.

The appearance of the Safari browser has changed. For example, there is a sidebar for managing groups of tabs.

And also the updated OS has learned to receive a signal via AirPlay. Previously, this required the use of additional software.

Technologies for developers

The conference was aimed primarily at developers, not Mac and iOS users, so new products were announced separately for them.

  • Xcode Cloud is now available for creating apps for the Apple ecosystem. It will be able to work with several programmers at the same time.
  • Updated the Swift language — added support for concurrency.
  • On the Mac, there is support for TestFlight.
  • For developers, there will be many APIs for implementing various innovations in third-party applications, such as noise reduction, SharePlay, and Focus mode.

The announced beta versions of operating systems for developers are available now, and it will be possible to publicly test them in July. The final releases will be available in the fall.