Facebook, with the assistance of Spotify, is developing a podcast service and a copy of the social network Clubhouse. The company plans to introduce them soon.

As Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge's Casey Newton, Facebook will allow authors of audio content to earn money.

Facebook's plans

Launching the Rooms audio version. The app, created for video conferencing, was released last year.

The release of the Live Audio Rooms audio chat, an analog of the Clubhouse social network, in which users will be able to communicate in special audio rooms. The Facebook Messenger app also plans to create audio rooms in the summer.

Launch of "audio TikTok" Soundbites, which allows Facebook users to record small audio clips and post them to their news feed.

Creating a product that helps you search for podcasts. It is planned that the service will be linked to Spotify.

The audio version of Rooms is expected to be released first. The rest of the products are unlikely to be released until the end of spring.

Who else runs Clubhouse’s copies

To date, several IT companies, such as Bitte Danke, LinkedIn, and Spotify, are developing Clubhouse analogs. Twitter is also not far behind — at the end of last year, it launched a beta version of the audio platform Spaces. Access for users will be opened in April. For the past few months, Twitter has been in talks to buy Clubhouse, but the deal has not materialized.

Earlier, we talked about the fact that Telegram has released a new version, which includes voice chats. Moreover, the functionality was more complete than the original.