The largest e-Commerce company Amazon and the famous financial company American Express have become the members of the GitHub program. The Microsoft owners have also joined the program.

GitHub is the largest web service for hosting IT projects and their joint development.

The program of this service allows companies-investors to invest money in IT projects and Finance developers without intermediaries. Previously, this extension could only be used by people, which means only individuals could sponsor software development.

GitHub believes that this opportunity will multiply the amount of investment and give a powerful boost to the development of the IT industry. No matter how much resources giant companies in the field of information technology have, very often breakthroughs are made thanks to technologies acquired from small studios. Therefore, the industry is interested in developers evolvement.

Github treats sponsorship as a new type of material support for programmers who create open-source SOFTWARE that companies work with on a daily basis. The idea is to allow everyone who uses open-source software to participate in its development.

The new concept of attracting investors will increase the number of participants and, a result of the funds raised, which means that even more software projects will receive financial support.