A couple more steps before starting development

In the previous articles, we talked about the discovery phase and the stage of analytics and design. Now as these steps have been completed, we have a clear plan of action. It's time to start the development itself!

Development is not the fastest process, since it can take several months. To make it easier for the customer to track the progress of work, we divide the stage into two-week segments-sprints. After each such sprint, we show the intermediate result to the client, accept edits and listen to suggestions. Then we go to a new sprint and so on.

But before you start development, each feature is evaluated. this is done by several specialists at once: frontend and backend developers, QA engineer, IOS or Android mobile developer. at the time of evaluation, a detailed study of the architecture for specific functionality takes place, the implementation time is discussed, the task is decomposed into several subtasks and taken into work.

How the development is done

That's it, now you can go to the code. The backend developer starts his part of the project, then he is joined by specialists in frontend and mobile development. In parallel with them, a QA engineer works, who will test the product - at this time, he makes checklists for future verification. When the feature is ready, developers can use these sheets to check the functionality themselves, before giving the QA developments. He is already testing the features in more detail, completing the stage with a detailed report.

Now we have something to show the customer. At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate the results and collect feedback. we conduct a retrospective with the team and take into account all comments on the next sprint.

So the product is growing - the necessary functionality is created with constant quality control. When all the features are ready and agreed, we prepare the combat servers and infrastructure, then launch the product into operation.

Our support after launching a web product

Even after the project is implemented, we keep in touch with the customer - we provide technical support, monitor servers, monitor performance, and monitor free space. If the customer wants to add a new feature or update the product, the YuSMP Group team will be there.

Our main goal is to produce a cool product that will work for the benefit of the customer and the