Recently, we were asked what custom development is. We decided to explain this as simply as possible.

As it can be suggested, this is the creation of a custom web product. Here we mean an individual approach to the needs and tasks of the business. You can buy a ready-made suit or dress in a chain store, or you can go to a tailor’s shop where they will make clothes according to personal standards, from the selected fabric and according to special patterns. Custom software development is custom-tailoring.

The main advantage of custom development is the ability to implement a unique sales offer and solve business problems. With this approach, you can implement specific functionality, integrate existing software, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness.

And what other types, apart of custom development exist? There are standard solutions (also called cloud or boxed solutions). They are cheaper than custom development and are implemented in a shorter time, but they are limited in their capabilities. An example of such solutions is CMS and CRM. In this case, ready-made software is purchased, which is already adapted to the customer's business.

We hope everything is clear now! Contact us if you have any questions.