In Russia, people began to buy chargers more often after Apple stopped completing new iPhones with them. Other smartphone market leaders Samsung and Xiaomi also followed the American company example.

But the reality has shown that people need sets of chargers for new smartphones since the plugs and wires are still less durable than gadgets. Chargers are also often lost, and some users prefer to have more than one set, for example, for home and work. Some people buy new chargers to sell their phones more expensive afterward.

Several retail companies published reports that showed that after the release of the latest iPhone, sales of Apple chargers dramatically increased several times.

In the MTS retail network, demand increased by 510% for November and December 2020 period.

At Wildberries over the same period, sales of adapters increased by 344%, and adapter+cable kits-by 411%. They were 232% more likely to buy wireless chargers.

Original chargers began to be 250% more sold, in "Citylink" electronics store the sales increased almost 2 times, and in "Svyaznoy" store the wireless chargers sales increased ten times.

Following the increased demand, the prices also grew - on average, the cost of a charger increased by 20% over the last year