We have already talked about the results of the year of our company, and today we recall what happened in 2020 in the IT field all around the world.

This year will be remembered for the incredible acceleration that the pandemic has given to the digital industry. Technology has made a quantum leap in development that would not have happened so quickly in a previous life.

But it all started not so rosy even for IT specialists. If you remember, at the beginning of the year, problems with the coronavirus were only in China, and in the well-known Wuhan, dozens of electronics industries are concentrated, which have stoped working due to quarantine. Many models of gadgets and other products did not go out into the world then, presentations and international IT conferences were canceled. Apple was badly affected — for a while the supply of devices stopped, the conveyors stopped, and the development cycle of the new iPhone was hopelessly disrupted.

Soon the production of devices was established, China defeated the epidemic, but the whole world was already in isolation. For an education system built on full-time education, this meant a radical change in the principles of work. "online classes" and” zoom " are becoming the most popular words of schoolchildren, teachers and parents. Companies also transfer employees to remote locations. All this creates an unprecedented demand for equipment and high-speed Internet.

Those who developed solutions for the tourism and automotive industries, as well as passenger transportation, were severely affected. Also, this year has become difficult for startups, the investing has become risky.

In general, the industry has shown high adaptability to external factors and challenges, and the global growing demand for digitalization of business processes has opened up additional opportunities for the growth of orders for IT specialists.