Amid a wave of discussion about mass vaccination, Twitter has introduced new tags for posts that contain misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations. Previously, the social network introduced the same restrictions for ambiguous publications about the coronavirus.

As it’s been before, what is false information about vaccines and what is not will be decided by the moderation of Twitter. The company's ratings, set manually, train algorithms that automatically tag messages with similar information. In this way, the company resists the spread of misinformation.

The first marks will affect English-speaking users, but the labels are already displayed in the language selected in the profile settings. After the warning, Twitter provides a link to the platform's rules and the official WHO website.

After the first post of such kind, the social network will delete the post. For subsequent tweets with disinformation, the account will be blocked for a period of 12 hours to 7 days. If the author continues to post such content after 5 warnings, his profile will be blocked forever.

The ban includes information about conspiracy theories, false or unconfirmed data about the side effects of vaccination, statements that covid does not exist, calls to refuse vaccination.

Do you think this is the right platform solution?