The home office mode in the corporation was extended until September 2021.

Google employees will not see the corporate office for several months - the company's management has not only extended the Home office format of work but also announced future changes in the schedule.

Notice that in March, Google was one of the first major global companies to announce the change from a normal work mode to home office. Thus, the corporation has been operating outside the office for almost 10 months. previously, it was planned to return the staff to their jobs in January next year, but due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the united states, the return of employees was postponed until September 2021.

Now the company's management is thinking about how to organize the return of employees to the offices. It is quite obvious that it cannot be the same way as it was before and new solutions are needed. One of the ideas that are being tested is a flexible working week system, where the staff is only in the office for three days, and the rest of the activity is carried out from home. While it is difficult to predict how and when this system will work and whether it will be implemented in the form as it was presented.

In addition to that, the employees are still recommended to get vaccinated against coronavirus before returning to the office. The vaccination which will be available to US citizens presumably by mid-2021. But this vaccination is not a prerequisite for working in the office.

The decisions of Google management must be guided by other corporations and smaller companies around the world.

Do you think the era of conventional offices work has passed?