The Terralink company demonstrated the results of an experiment on the chip introduction in the primate’s brain. Now the monkey is playing video games inside its own mind.


Neuralink is a company that was created in 2016 by Elon Musk, a famous inventor and entrepreneur. The startup specializes in the development of implantable neurocomputer interfaces, which the company plans to produce independently. The project's ultimate goal is to restore people's ability to hear, walk, and see. The chip will allow people with brain and spinal cord injuries to return to normal life.

Prior to this, Neuralink experiments were conducted only on pigs. The fact that the monkey was chipped and now the animal is having great fun in the virtual world, Musk announced himself in his stream. The wireless implant is inserted into the brain and does not give itself away externally. The inventor promised that soon we will see a video in which primates play video games using the built-in chip.

There are still no details about how the chip is implanted and works. But according to Musk, such a procedure is hardly more complicated than laser vision correction. Through the chip, it’s possible not only to regain the abilities but also to listen to music or play games right in just in the head.