The concept of a thin slider smartphone was presented by the Chinese company Oppo. When folded, the gadget will be the size of a bank card, and in full size, the screen will reach seven inches (these are the largest displays on the smartphone market).

A slim smartphone (or as it has already been named a slidephone) the size of a palm will turn into a full-size gadget thanks to the hinges. So the device will have four states:

  • folded view;
  • 4 centimetres unfolded (for viewing notifications);
  • 8 centimetres unfolded (in this mode, you can use the camera);
  • the full-size version is approximately 17 centimetres.

Oppo developed a new concept together with the Japanese design studio Nendo. Now the company does not give any comments about the possible production, neither about the release date of the new slidephone.

Do you think the new type of smartphones will be in demand among users?