Photo Individuum

The neural network of a large Russian IT company has translated the book from English into Russian. Residents of Russia can already purchase the printed publication. Thanks to the publishing house Individuum the creation of Yandex Translator was released.

The irony is The choice of a book for translation via a neural network. It was the product of "a Future without work. Technologies, automation and whether to be afraid of them". The author — a scientist-economist Daniel Siskind from the UK.

The Russian equivalent of Google Translate performed a text translation of 650.000 characters in forty seconds. But still, the result required some editions, the printed version was published under the editorship of Alexander Dunaev. To demonstrate the amazing capabilities of self-learning algorithms, some fragments of the translation were left untouched by the editors.

In addition, the book cover is also the fruit of Yandex's artificial intelligence labour. The neural network generated a piece of modern art.
The publication is already available for purchase in electronic form, as well as in the printed version.

What else can a neural network do? Two years ago, a collection of poems written by the neural network was published. Artificial intelligence creates commercials and clips, writes scripts and portraits. You can listen to the music of her authorship and lyrics and even look through the manga.

Do you find these technologies useful or dangerous?