European digital rights (EDRi) is an international organization dedicated to protecting human rights on the Internet. Now social activists have launched a campaign Reclaim Your Face. EDRi makes every effort to protect the privacy of citizens and stop the widespread use of facial recognition technology.

The organization is concerned about the lack of transparency. People do not know where they can be recorded and what tools are used for this purpose. And the most important thing is how necessary it is. Another argument against facial recognition technologies is the potential harm to human health. Some types of biometrics are quite harmful and there is no information about the safe radiation dose.

EDRi representatives are convinced that algorithms can give an incorrect assessment: because of a gesture, clothing, fece or skin color, a person can instantly become a suspect in a crime. Constant surveillance, according to public figures, not only violates people's rights to privacy and data protection, but also turns residents into potential suspects.

There have already been cases of illegal use of facial recognition technology in Europe. Now the organization "European digital rights" is engaged in attracting as many public associations as possible to the Reclaim Your Face campaign, which aims to ban mass surveillance all around Europe.

Do you think facial recognition technology is necessary in cities or should it be banned?