The Chinese manufacturer announced its Hyper Charge system, which charges the phone in just 8 minutes.

This is a new record for wired and wireless charging of the modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro smartphone. A fully discharged 4000 mAh battery reaches a 100% charge level in 8 minutes.

This technological breakthrough was made possible thanks to a powerful 200 W power supply, which charges the phone by 10% in just 44 seconds. If you use 120W wireless charging, the smartphone will be fully charged in a quarter of an hour.

Bloggers from China, who received more information from the presentation, say that for the demonstration they used a charger with gallium nitride chips and an updated wireless charger with a double helix. The smartphone used a graphene battery that supports a current of 10C.

It remains unknown when the company will start using the Hyper Charge system in its smartphones, to date, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro smartphone is experimental. But it is already clear that to use the technology, you need a special power supply and cable.

The Chinese company has previously boasted of advances in charging speed. For example, for the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, she used a 120W charger that charges up to 100% in 23 minutes.

Competitors are following. For example, Vivo has introduced a high-speed 120W charger that can handle charging a 4,000 mAh phone battery to a maximum in a quarter of an hour. Oppo coped with the task in 20 minutes, using a 125-watt charger.