The online auto spare parts store

Development and launch of a service for the sale of auto parts.

What task did the customer come up with

We were approached by a client, who at that time had a business selling spare parts for cars. Sales were not bad for a local store, but to scale it was necessary to create a new sales channel to launch an online store from scratch.

This turned out to be not the easiest task since we had a huge 1C database, which needed to be disassembled and structured. Also, the site needed to connect logistics and link the payment system.

Watch the video of how an online store looks and works, or follow the link to try a clickable prototype.

The decisions we have made

The first thing we did was create an admin panel to make it easy to manage data. With this tool, you can upload items from 1C, adding a description, characteristics, and photos to the product card. Besides, information about the availability of products in stock was pulled from the database. The result of the first large stage of work was a pool of products that were displayed in the online store. Now we had to make it so that people could easily order auto parts.

To do this, we started working on the user interface and creating a personal account. For the convenience of choosing the right spare parts, we have created a catalog with a convenient search system: this solution made it possible to speed up the process of choosing a product and, accordingly, buying. In the personal account, the client saw the shopping cart where the selected items were displayed, could make a payment using a bank card, and also track the order. That is, users were able to see the condition of the parcel on the website of the online store — this is much more convenient than sending an email with the tracker number for tracking. Thus, customers were more likely to return to the site and make new purchases.


The difficulties we faced

In this project, the most difficult thing was to structure the data and set up synchronization of product cards with information from 1C. The volumes were huge, so we decided to choose an algorithm that could transform the data from the database into suitable values for the administrative panel. This was a real challenge, which our developers successfully coped with.

The result

The project was completed in 7 months. The customer received a working product that started up without any problems and functioned perfectly. 3 months after the launch, the online store reached the federal level: orders began to be accepted throughout the country, and turnover increased tenfold.

Now the client has returned for the implementation of the mobile application of the online store. Our app will discover the new business opportunities - increase sales through promotions in push notifications and make choosing and placing order even easier and faster.

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