Lucky shrimp

Mobile app wireframing for statistic data swift control

Lucky shrimp is a mobile application that allows the executive management of the fishing-industry company to control the harvesting and processing of seafood aboard.

In the app, a user can browse analytics data with the refinement of each unit. It is possible to see the data for a particular period of time, see the dynamics, and analyze the statistics. The data is shown in a clear, understandable, and user-friendly way.

Click on the video to see how the app works. Or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

Duration of work: 2 months.

Customer’s request

In spite of the high enough level of Russian fishing industry development, the out-of-date technologies are still used in the field. 

When the client addressed us, the average time of the analytics collection was on average 2 weeks, the data was gathered and stored in Excel files, and the reading of it caused some complications.

The target of the mobile app is to help the executives of the company to track swiftly the analytic data on the main indicators: catching, processing, business plan, and others.



What we did


Together with the customer, we worked on all the needs of key data indicators analysis, the wishes and features, which are important to data perception. During the collaboration, it was decided to create an MPV version prototype for a fast start. The client had its own developers on its staff who were ready to start work with ready-to-use artifacts. We only needed to work on the technical requirements and the screens.

Roles and Integrity

The application has only one role, the principal.

In real practice, it can be not only the chief manager but any person interested in the analytics and the decision making based on the data.


What is available in the app

  • The comparison of the planned and factual indexes of all ship fares covering the period of time chosen.
  • Each ship fare analytics: short and detailed.
  • The comparison of the planned and factual indexes raw fish put into production by product type. General analytics and the detailed by ships.
  • Detailed production analytics by one ship.
  • The view of business plan current performance by harvesting, production, EBITDA, and quote development.
  • The view of the current percentage of quote development by fish species and areas of fishing.

The Result

We performed the wireframe within the established deadlines and took all the customer’s requirements into consideration. We arranged to prolong the cooperation with the client when it would be necessary to extend the application’s functionality.

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