Course Maker

Desktop and mobile composition for online study

CourseMaker is a platform that allows coaches, business trainers, and other specialists to teach online.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works.

Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 10 months.

The service includes three roles: student, teacher, and course owner. A teacher before hands provides a course owner with about him/her information, and the course owner creates a teacher’s back-office and a link to invite the one to the system. Students can enter the system by him/themselves.

On the platform, a tutor can create teaching materials and check home works. After the program is over a course owner transfers the compensation to the teacher’s bank card via the service. The learner can also pay for courses via CourseMaker, get access to the information, and perform tasks.

Continuous and non-continuous study systems are available in the service. Technical support is also available for all users.

Customer’s request

At the beginning of 2020 online study obtained special significance due to the pandemic. So the company addressed to us to create a full service for online training. Especially this customer needed in project wireframing related to business process and further development.


What we did

We discussed with the client the desires and features which must have been in the service. During the collaboration, it was decided to create two versions of the project: PC program (desktop) and mobile composition.

The Discovery phase lasted a month and during that time the following artifacts were ready:

  • MindMap.
  • User stories.
  • BPMN diagram.
  • Design-concept.

The client had its designer who we involved in our team for the project time. During the analytics and design phase, the requirements were fully formed, all the designs were performed and SRS was created. Thus, 2 months after the request moment, the work was ready for the development phase.

How CourseMaker will work

To start using the app the user must log in or sign up either via the special form or social nets.

A Teacher creates a course, fulfills it with content, prepares classes and tasks for students. At this part, the duration of a class, its type, and the subject of study is set. After that, the materials are directed to an owner’s confirmation.

A teacher receives students’ homework to check by email, messengers, or social nets. After the home-task is checked the teacher gives undergraduate access to the next class. After all the classes are done, the teacher ends the course and issues certificates to the students.

A Course Owner receives the materials and sends them to revision. Then he/she sets the course rate or makes it free of charge. Only a course owner can announce a course.

A student, after sign up, can find the necessary course in the search. In case a particular course ID not found, the user sees the courses of a similar topic.

A course can be paid by the bank card, linked in the back-office, or by making a one-time payment with no personal data saving. After purchasing a course, the student receives a confirmation email, and the first classes will be seen in “My courses”.

After passing a course a student receives an email with the certificate. The PDF certificate can also be downloaded in back-office from “My certificates”. An undergraduate can share his/her certificates in social nets. 

The author’s study materials are copy-protected. For this purpose, we use the information protection service “InfoProtector”.

Follow the link for a clickable app prototype.


The project now

Before the current phase began the product-manager provided the customer with the project budget plan, and now the team is actively performing the development. For the program, we are creating the administrative dashboard for content management, front-end in mobile composition iOS/Android, and desktop version. In the nearest four months, the project will be accomplished.

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