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Application development: mobile and web versions

What was to be done

Four medical clinics have united to order a big project, the development of their own software to optimize all organizational processes from patient records to finance accounting.

Watch a video that demonstrates how the app works, or follow the link to try a clickable prototype.

The project included two different mobile applications: a version for the clinic's clients and for internal work. Also, it was necessary to develop a web application for employees.

Duration of work: 11 months.

What happened

Patients can use the app to select a doctor and arrange a visit, view the history of visits and recommendations of a specialist. After the visit, the client can leave a verified review, which can be used by other users. Also, the service will remind you about the upcoming recording, if you set up alerts.

We have developed two applications for the clinic staff: a mobile version and a web version. With the help of the service, patients are recorded, doctors ' schedules are compiled, and the information about patients and appointments is filled in. So all the paperwork and numerous tables in Excel were transferred and logically packed into one application.

We knew that the product would be used by different employees: administrators, doctors, and management. Therefore, we implemented several access levels, according to each role.

  • An administrator works with the record and the patient database.
  • A doctor sees his schedule and patient cards. The specialist can enter information about the appointment, keep a medical history.
  • The management of the medical center has the greatest rights: in addition to medical records and schedules, the office displays the number of appointments, employee actions, and financial statements.

What the project gave the client

The management used a single tool to see the effectiveness of the specialist: the employee card displayed reviews, cash flow, and the number of receptions performed. Thus, the control of subordinates has become much easier and clearer.

Besides, the app allowed you to be closer to patients and better understand their needs.

Another significant advantage of the software is a single information space. The user-friendly interface and logical architecture were able to significantly reduce the time that employees spent on routine tasks.

What the difficulties and the solutions were there

The main feature of the project is the number of customers. In our case, there were 4 of them, and it was necessary to develop one product for different medical organizations. This led to difficulties - when evaluating the demo versions and functionality, customers had different opinions, so the approvals were lengthy. But we found that open dialogue works wonders: even though we spent more time on the project than we planned, we got a product that everyone liked.

Now the project is successfully functioning and in the near future, we will release an application upgrade.

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