Mobile app for coaches

Business analysis, design and prototyping of a mobile application, admin panel and web version

What task has the client come with

We have been approached by a client with a proposal to create an online learning platform that helps specialists from various fields to monetize their knowledge and skills. The idea was that a person of any profession can conduct a course on a convenient platform: it does not matter whether it is makeup training or personal growth training.

The video showed how the finished application works. You can test the service yourself by following the link to the prototype.

Getting the project started

We traditionally started our work with the discovery phase: we learned all the client's wishes and the necessary features. Then we jointly decided that the project would consist of several products: a mobile application for iOS and Android, an admin panel for managing the service, and a web resource through which coaches can broadcast lessons or conduct webinars online.

The service looks like this: on the main page, the user sees the coaching rooms, each of which has training materials loaded. Thematic filters make it easier to find: if you need manicure courses, just select this category in the settings and see the relevant offers. To properly design the application, we conducted market research on competitors and made a comparative characteristic. This allowed us to understand the working solutions and see the growth areas of such services. So we found out that we need to develop our monetization system. After that, we developed a design concept and agreed with it with the client.


Solutions at the analytics and design stage and the main challenge

At the next stage-the stage of analytics and design, we have worked out in detail all the requirements and processes of the future service. We developed clickable prototypes for mobile apps (iOS and Android) and web versions; with this tool, the client went to the target audience for testing.

Now the client collects feedback from the coaches and students of the future platform. The opinion of the focus group is always taken into account - feedback helps to see the nuances of the service and make changes to the project in time. Only then the development will begin.

The main challenge for us on this project will be the implementation of streaming, chat, and billing support. Be sure to tell you how we coped with these difficult tasks, stay tuned!

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