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Website design and development with mobile layout

What task has the client come with

We were approached by a client who has a microloan business: at that time, he had several offices in Khabarovsk, where a loan can be issued quickly. The customer wanted to expand the geography of the business and launch a website through which you can issue a small online loan in any city in Russia.

Among other conditions of the client, there was a clear period of work (1 year) and a certain budget, which was planned for the implementation of the project.

The video showed how the finished application works. You can test the service yourself by following the link to the prototype.

What was difficult

Implementing current work operations into the online loan model has become a challenge. In addition, we had to independently register all the processes for the new site.

So, the main difficulties were in the work of the analyst and the team: they had to deal with complex calculations of loan disbursements and expiration.

What we did

We followed the standard path — we passed the discovery phase, made an assessment at the analytics and design stage, and also gave a top-level assessment of the development. After that, it became clear what the MVP (minimum working product) should be, the creation of which was within the time frame and budget.

There were five roles in the project, and we had to allocate MVP based on the functionality of each of them.


  • The borrower (the user who takes out the loan).
  • Underwriter (confirms the identity of the borrower and verifies its reliability).
  • Collector (interacts with the customer when the payment is not made on time).
  • Accountant (responsible for accounting).
  • Super-administrator (has access to manage the entire service).

What we liked about the project

This is our first project in the field of financial technologies, and we have gained interesting experience in terms of financial and analytical reporting.

It is especially pleasant that the client's team was interested in the project and actively participated in the development. At the meetings, we discussed the tasks, shared our opinions, and tracked the progress together.

How's the project now

The product is currently being tested on combat servers, and a small number of customers use the platform that collects data. Users share their experiences, and we use feedback to improve the site. The product is scheduled to be fully launched in March 2021.

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