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Now YuSMP Group is working on a new and large project-we are creating a new scooter sharing platform. Today the discovery phase, analytics, and design stages have already been completed. And while the development is underway, we are ready to share our experience working on an interesting product.

From the very beginning, the project promised to be exciting, as we had to deal with telematics. We created a Request-Response diagram that displayed the performance of user requests and system responses.

At the stage of analytics and design, we developed a clickable prototype of the future sharing, created a layout of the administrative panel, and prescribed all the requirements. We also prepared the screen designs for the mobile app. Then we had to work on the control unit of the scooter, and this process required non-standard solutions.

The video showed how the finished application works. You can test the service yourself by following the link to the prototype.

To better understand the requirements for transport management, we asked the customer to send us a prototype scooter.

Such a complex project already at the analyst stage required a lot of attention and the most inquisitive minds: therefore, a system architect and the head of the backend department joined the business analyst team. Together, they figured out the control unit of the scooter and found out how to implement the customer's requests and expectations, such as:

  • enable tracking on the map;
  • configure locking and unlocking the lock on transport;
  • set up a remote shutdown of the scooter when leaving a certain area.

As a result, all the requirements were successfully worked out, and the documentation was written. The project is currently under development and testing - the team is creating software to control the scooter.

After the project is completed, we will share the results, and you will be able to try a new scooter sharing in your city.

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