Mobile application for the service of grocery delivery

IOS/Android/Admin panel

Discovery phase for a grocery delivery application from a chain of stores. It is planned to implement the project for the IOS and Android platforms, as well as an admin panel.

A large project includes 3 separate mobile products: an application for buyers, an application for order pickers and another one for couriers. The admin panel is needed to manage all the processes: from adding products to the catalog to tracking the delivery of orders.

You can see how the product will function: watch the video or test the clickable prototype of the client application.

Project duration: 2 months.

Customer’s request

The owner of a chain of grocery stores, which is located on Sakhalin, contacted the YuSMP Group web development studio. The idea for the product was large and abstract: the customer had a request for an application for  delivery from grocery chain stores. At the same time, there was neither any software product nor the organization and logistics of the delivery.

We had to structure the idea and think through business processes at all stages.


Such a large project required a discovery phase—the stage at which interviews are conducted, roles in the system are discussed, and a clear understanding of the product is developed. The result of discovery is a set of artifacts - documents that consolidate all the developments and become the basis for further development. 

After the discovery phase, we received a strong project with defined features and a visual representation.

What was done

We designed applications for order pickers and delivery workers with the simplest functionality possible, but thanks to which the client application now meets all modern requirements in the food delivery industry:

  • order tracking at every stage;
  • making changes to an order;
  • order cancellation;
  • contact a courier or delivery service.

We thought through the process of handling orders and receipts at the assembly and delivery warehouse, which also helped to simplify the process and made the system clear.

The difficulties we faced

The main difficulty of the project is its large volume of work and short deadlines. In a short period of time, it was necessary to discuss in detail a large number of issues. To achieve this, we maintained maximum discipline: we clearly moved according to the plan and recorded all the results of communication with the customer.

As the design progressed, new questions emerged, the answers to which required quick answers without room for an error. Sometimes it happened in the format of a brainstorming session right on the call, sometimes the client went to his employees for feedback.

It was not easy to work out the process of communication between a client and an order collector, so that in case of a lack of goods, they could discuss a replacement and immediately return money and make a new write-off. It was also important to work out the display of order status for the client, which required changes on the spot: for example, the introduction of barcodes for orders, scanning of which would notify the client about the next stage of order processing. The goal was also to maximize automation of all processes.

The result

Today the project is in the process of moving into the development stage. When the applications are launched, this will greatly increase the turnover of the store chain, while the costs will be minimal compared to opening a new store.

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