Personal account of the crypto wallet mobile application

Native apps on Android and iOS

We created mobile applications and developed the crypto wallet user interface from scratch. Native apps work on Android and iOS.

Users can register in the system, add cryptocurrency, buy and sell it using a bank card, and also exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

A clickable prototype is available at the link.

Project duration: 5 months.

The creation of a personal account allowed the customer to launch the application, attract new users and strengthen the position in the market.

Customer’s request

The client had a web interface for the application and the main functionality had been developed. Our team needed to draw a mobile interface based on the existing style. The application must be native, have convenient usability and intuitive navigation.

During the application creation process, it was necessary to implement several custom scenarios:

  • a simple registration process through which the user gained access to his crypto wallet, ensuring data security;
  • adding cryptocurrency to the account with a choice of type and quantity, as a result the replenishment of the balance should be visible;
  • transfers of cryptocurrency to other users using account details;
  • purchasing of cryptocurrency using a bank card and other payment methods;
  • sale of cryptocurrency with withdrawal of money to a linked bank card;
  • converting one cryptocurrency to another.

Project features

The Scrum methodology was used. It allowed us to perform all tasks effectively. The entire process was divided into sprints, which made it possible to demonstrate intermediate results to the customer.

Our team developed and tested the functionality and interface of the application simultaneously. This allowed us to optimize debugging time and deliver the finished product in a short time.

What was done

The project was successfully implemented within the established framework. The customer received two native applications for two platforms: Android and iOS. 

All requested functions were implemented in a personal account:

  • possibility of registration via e-mail;
  • buying and selling of cryptocurrency;
  • using of a bank card and other payment systems;
  • working with several types of cryptocurrency and exchanging them;
  • storing a detailed transaction history with the ability to access it.

The application turned out to be simple and functional. The laconic interface makes it convenient for new clients.

The result is a secure and efficient tool for managing crypto assets. The customer increased audience loyalty and was able to strengthen the position in an actively growing market.

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