Mobile application for the fast food restaurant chain Fork-Spoon

IOS/Android/BackEnd/Admin panel

Applications for IOS and Android users to order ready-made food from the chain restaurants. Customers can select  dishes and pay for them through mobile software, and administrators can process the orders.

The project is an almost complete reworking of the previous version of the application. We changed the design, connected the payment system and fixed a huge number of technical errors of the application.

The software product will be available in the AppStore and GooglePlay soon. Check out the app right now: Click on the video to see how the app works, or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

Project duration: 4 months.


Fork-Spoon is a chain of fast food restaurants that has more than 50 restaurants in 14 cities of Russia. The owner of the chain is FOOD-MASTER company, which has been operating since 1997. In 2018, the restaurant chain was included in the list of the most popular franchises (according to Russian Business Mediagroup).

Fork-Spoon is traditional home-cooked food made in an affordable and modern design. Guests of the restaurants have the opportunity to eat quickly and inexpensively, while the quality of the dishes remains at a restaurant level. The menu includes breakfasts, first and second courses, salads and desserts.

Customer’s request

LLC "MANAGEMENT COMPANY "FOOD-MASTER" required us to fix a broken application from the previous contractor. The software contained many bugs and had poor performance and functionality. In addition, the appearance of the screens was very outdated and did not correspond to the modern brand of the company.

Our tasks were:

  • redesign of both applications;
  • replacing non-functional payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay with Sberbank acquiring of recurring payments;
  • bug fixing in existing IOS and Android applications.

What has been done

By the time it started, the project had a rather problematic legacy with not very good architecture. The backend was well written, but the applications were quite complicated to implement. We decided to follow the Kanban methodology, which involves performing multiple tasks simultaneously. There was really a lot of work, and due to the fact that the project was not ours initially, it was difficult to estimate the total time.

Therefore, we worked like this: we created a pool of tasks, prioritized them, and found solutions. As we immersed ourselves in the project, it became clear what volume of work awaited us ahead. This way we were able to guide the customer in terms of deadlines, and the team had an understanding of the result we should achieve.

During the project, YuSMP Group specialists were involved in development and testing. Some modules were rewritten, the bugs were fixed and new designs were introduced. However, the work on the project will still continue: the application architecture will have to be completely corrected.

The Result

Users can log in and go to their personal account: information about the client will be displayed there, as well as a bonus account in the loyalty program. You can select your favorite dishes or combo sets from the menu, and your order and total amount will be displayed in your cart. After completing the checkout, the user selects a time and point for pickup.

Now applications for IOS and Android are completely ready and are about to appear in the AppStore and GooglePlay stores. Work on the products continues and new features will be released soon.

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