CRM and marketplace for auto parts (web/Android/IOS)


It is a new software product for the e-commerce sector. The project portfolio consists of CRM (web development) and marketplace (Android/IOS).

A CRM specially created for the marketplace will be used to keep track of auto parts in stores. The system also allows the customer to manage sales and product range in the seller’s personal account. The marketplace serves to aggregate offers from different auto parts stores so that users can easily and conveniently purchase the necessary goods in one place.

Watch a video that demonstrates how the program works or test the product using a clickable prototype.

Project duration: 6 months.

Customer’s request

The company rents vehicles, and the condition of the cars must be carefully monitored. During the work, the customer regularly faced the problem of finding spare auto parts: goods had to be ordered from different places, since there was no single place for a purchase. This is how the idea of creating a convenient aggregator arose. The marketplace will allow users to find the necessary auto parts quickly and easily, instead of searching for them manually in the markets and stores. Store owners will be able to expand their customer base using the new sales channel.

CRM is an integral part of the marketplace back office and is designed for accounting and managing spare auto parts.

Process and result

One of the main features of the CarParts project is the development of two different products: CRM, which also acts as the administrative panel/back office of the marketplace, and the marketplace itself.

A flexible development approach was chosen for the project. The discovery phase was carried out in accordance with Agile principles. Further development is carried out on the basis of a Scrum-like framework, which includes artifacts and processes from both the Kanban and Scrum methodology.

The project successfully passed the discovery stage, as a result of which the main requirements and goals of the product were determined.

At the moment, authorization and registration in CRM is ready. The team continues to work on analytics and development to achieve the project goals and complete the project within the given time frame.

The difficulties we faced

The main difficulty was choosing a suitable catalog for integration and linking of parts that will be entered into the CRM and displayed to users on the marketplace. However, the team solved the problem by doing some research and finding a suitable catalog.

How the project is useful to the customer

CarParts has the potential to attract a large number of sellers and buyers to the marketplace. A convenient and accessible search for spare parts will help stores acquire new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. The customer is planning to monetize the project through sales commissions.

In addition, implementing a CRM will allow stores to manage auto parts supply more effectively, track sales and analyze data, which will help in making strategic decisions to grow the business. A user-friendly CRM interface will improve the work efficiency.


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